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Tips to make your daughter a baseball fan

Opening day is quickly approaching. For many dads the first day of the baseball season is like Christmas – only better. And, as a bonus, you'll likely cherish the time spent with your son watching baseball during the summer. But what if you don't have a son? Don't panic. Your daughter can be an equally receptive viewing partner if you play your (baseball) cards right.

Here are a few tips to get your daughter headed down the right path

1. Start her young. Get her interested in America's favorite pastime before she's even able to recognize that it's somewhat slow moving. Begin with a ball and glove in the crib and work your way up to a Derek Jeter poster. Get her going on Little League, and before you know it she'll be begging to go to a game.

2. Education. There's nothing worse than a misinformed baseball fan and that's especially true with kids. Make sure she knows the greats before anybody else her age. If you're lucky, her first word will be Willie Mays.

3. Movies, movies, movies. There are plenty of great baseball flicks for kids. The Sandlot is a classic, and who doesn't love Rookie of the Year? Watching such films together will be a great way to build some father daughter bonding.