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Emotional Changes for Men…

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    Hey there. This is a request for some advice. I’m really confused, hurt, and lost right now. Let me get to the details…

    My girlfriend is expecting my first child. This will be her third. Lately I’ve been not myself. I’ve been moody, crabby, and irritable. Her and I argue about insignicant stuff. For the most part the relationship, even when finding out she was expecting, included a lot of affection and love. Even up to the hour before our fight. But we had a big fight nevertheless.
    I lost my temper. She threw me out of the car and I refused to leave. So she was going to get out. I grabbed her which subsequently hurt her. It was not my intention. I grabbed her to stop her from getting out. I hugged her right afterwards. From that point [last week], she has cut me off. She doesn’t tell me she loves me anymore. She doesn’t talk to me on the phone. She responds to a few text messages. She is questioning whether or not herself, her kids, or the baby will be safe around me. I’m so torn.

    She has told me she doesn’t handle pregnancies well. Her first two were pretty rough on her from what she told me before. Plus she hasn’t been able to smoke ciggarettes.

    I need advice. I need suggestions. Or maybe just some comforting words that things will hopefully be okay.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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