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First and only son, He’s 3. Every other weekend!!!

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    I’m a 29 yr.old dad, having a very difficult time accepting that I cannot raise my baby boy day to day. Just about when my baby was one month old, my baby’s mom was done with our relationship. I was able to bring my baby to my house when he was 3 months old. At that point I was allowed to pick him up every weekend. I was working Mon-Sat. After work on Sat. I picked my son up, and brought him over to my place. Sunday Night, I would take him back to his mommy’s house. When my baby turned 1, I was served by the court for child support. At court they asked how often I had my son. Here goes the “Funny”, But not so “funny part, She stated every other weekend. When I told them it had been every weekend, court attendant told me that we (baby’s mom and myself) should go discuss that outside and come to an agreement on what it was, But that her (baby’s mom) would have the final say. Can you believe that even though we were outside the court, she was able to look me in eye and tell me that it had been every other weekend. After about two minutes of argument she told me fine ” It had been every week but from here on it’s every other weekend”. More money for her!!!!!!!! Over all to this day I cannot make her understand that I Need her to communicate with me as I try my hardest to communicate with her. All just to be able to hear and to know how our baby is doing. Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you have any tips or personal story’s that are similar I would love to hear back from you! God Bless all you true daddy’s out there!

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