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    Well to start, the name is Brian I am 34 years old and recently divorced(finalized last October) I have a long story so bear with me. Mainly joining to find out if I am the only one in the world to experience, and still do, what I am going through.
    To start, I had my son Tyler, who is now 15 at the age of 18, got married to his mother at 20. We had a rough marriage(she had mental issues, and I had been unfaithful) we moved on from that and out came my beautiful 4 year old daughter, Riley. Our marriage was never really there, we both realize it now, we separated, divorced and now have become good friends, and co-parents.
    Soon after, very soon, I met a woman, whom I live with and am quite happy with. She has two great children herself, Tyler(ironic huh?) who is 16 and Kimberly who is 12. I basically fill the “Father” role with them as well, due to their bilogical father pretty much abandoning them, emotionally and now my signifigant other, financially, but that is a whole nother’ story.
    I live 2.5 hours away from my children, have a hard time with it at times, but see them quite often. I feel I need more time with them still. Anyways, Im glad to be a part of this group. I have more to say about myself, but need more time. Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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