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Hey Guys…

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    Yup, newbie here. I found this forum while doing a little research on parenting styles so I thought I would join the forum for a little feedback from time to time.

    I am 35 and have no kids of my own. My girlfriend of 2 years has a 3yo who has been living with us 5 days/week for the last 3 months. Before that it was more 50/50. Dad co-sleeps and naturally I dont. When we put him to bed he constantly asks for Daddy or “I wanna sleep Mommy bed”. Here lately his fits have grown quite severe. When we bring the issue up to Daddy, his attitude is that this is his only son with whom he has limited time with and he will do as he pleases. I can respect this to a degree but am in conflict with what it is doing to his son. Both Mom and Dad are more permissive in their parenting styles, I on the other hand am the authoritarian. I have rules about going to bed and when I say “No” there are no exceptions. To me the simple rules in life (eating your dinner, going to bed) are the building blocks of discipline, respect and social behavior. If he does not learn from these simple tasks then what will be the result when we get to doing your homework and household chores.

    So let me have it. Am I way out of line here? I am trying to losen up a little for Mom’s sake but really I think she needs to toughen up and stand her ground. Let him have his temper tantrum at bedtime. He will stop eventually.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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