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How Fathers can help in Breastfeeding?

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    Fatherhood is no longer a Sunday celebration only, it is an everyday affair now. Today’s role as a father has come a long way from only a breadwinner to a co-parent and a nurturer. It is a beautiful and a welcome change if fathers could also help in breastfeeding. A father is no longer a distant role model who inspires his children from a tower. He now shares all the chores which include the upbringing of happy children.
    There are ways how a father could develop a bond with the newborn baby:

    Talk to the baby during pregnancy, the unborn child hears the outside sounds. Baby will immediately recognize the father’s voice after birth.
    Involve in visiting a doctor for regular check-ups, see the baby on ultrasound and hear the heartbeat.
    Hold the baby soon after the birth so that the baby gets aware of your touch, smell, and sound.
    Involve in baby care such as bathing and nappy changing.
    Start singing, talking and reading to your child.
    Help in feeding baby – be it bottle feeding or breastfeeding.
    Usually, babies poop out after feeding, help in nappy changing.
    Swaddle and put the baby to sleep after nursing is over. It will also give her time to relax and revive.
    Give your partner a shoulder or foot massage while she is breastfeeding. It will not only relax her, but also prolactin is stimulated which is a milk-inducing hormone.

    Source: http://www.wonderparenting.com

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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