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    After promising to live as closely as you can with your partner during the marriage contract, then you and your partner are legitimate to become husband and wife. It is undeniable that the activity of having intercourse is the most awaited thing.The topic of intimate relationships is indeed a topic of undercover so it is not uncommon for beginners not to know how to have intimate relationships right. Whether it’s from the preparation that must be done, the technique, to the position. Because in addition to orgasm, the goal of having sex is the duration of intimate relationships that are long and satisfying for married couples.Are you facing the same confusion yourself? Here are some ways to make intimate relationships right according to scientific research.The first way to have intercourse is correct1. Prepare well43 How to have intimate relationships that are true, long-lasting, and satisfying for couplesThe first way to have intimate relationships is to prepare everything well. If you and your partner are still shy, communicate your intentions well. Because you also cannot force a partner even though it is legal to have sex. Then, if you and your partner still don’t want a child, then prepare contraceptives such as condoms.2. Choose a romantic locationThe second thing about how to have intercourse is to choose a location that is supportive and romantic. Can cool and relaxed mountain atmosphere or pleasant beach atmosphere. Also note the bed that will be used, make sure it is clean and soft.3. Pay attention to timeAt first intercourse, of course you want a long time right? Because a long time will give you a relaxed and free feeling. Therefore, consider the time to have sex. If you don’t want to be in a hurry, of course you can do it on a long night or a relaxing honeymoon.4. Create an atmosphere of supportYou have prepared the time and location. The next step in how to have sex is to create an atmosphere that supports romantic alias. Invite your partner to talk intently, look into his eyes deeply, and then do an inviting gesture.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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