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I Walk Sideways

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    Your not mistaken,
    You heard me right,
    I’m walking sideways,
    Just left and right.

    Not walking forward,
    Not walking back,
    Not making progress,
    Not given slack.

    My trailer is paid off,
    Yet ratty and old,
    It holds in no heat,
    Its getting so cold.

    The baby is crying,
    No money to spend,
    No food for his mouth,
    No milk to extend.

    No job to buy more,
    I look oh so hard,
    Cant even afford,
    My broken down car.

    I love my woman,
    She changed my whole life,
    Yet I have no balls,
    To ask her my wife.

    I can’t be annoyed,
    I’m calm like a bomb,
    Yet it seems lately,
    This fuse ain’t so long.

    I feel I’ve been lazy,
    I could do much more,
    But we know when it rains,
    My god man it pours.

    I need to help more,
    Be part of the help,
    Not part of the problem,
    I’m feeling the guilt.

    I’m sure shes depressed,
    We’re drifting apart,
    I can’t even sleep now,
    From pain to the heart.

    I love our new son,
    He looks just like me,
    But I am pathetic,
    Cause I choose to be …

    I feel not a man,
    I feel all alone,
    I sit at the sceen,
    And write you this poem.

    This poem seemed to flow from the one place inside me that cant be described. Maybe I’ll feel better when i click the post button.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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