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Moving furniture to new home with dad


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    If you are moving home and you decide to move rather than hire someone to move or if your carrier does not have full service and ask you to disassemble your belongings before arriving, make sure you know how. To prepare furniture to move and avoid injury while performing heavy lifting.

    Know what you have to move
    Make an inventory of the items you have, the time it takes to disassemble and prepare, and what can be prepared before you move.

    For example, the bed may not be separated before moving day but your desk may be.

    Measure the entrance and corridor
    Before you start moving things out of your old house, you need to make sure everything fits in all the entrances, corridors, elevators or stairs. Sometimes you can move furniture without taking it out, but for large pieces, such as a sofa or sofa, you may have to remove the door before attempting to move it.

    My general rule is to always keep the furniture in one if first it will fit into the corridor and the entrance, second, if it is not too heavy to lift and move, and the third if by holding it. In one piece it will not be damaged during the move. For example, I always remove the feet before moving our table because our feet are very fragile and I worry that they may be broken during the move.

    Once you know the furniture needs to be disassembled to move, the next step is to find the right tools and equipment.

    Get Tools and Equipment
    Choose the tool you need to disassemble any foot, tabletop, door or frame. There is a plastic sandwich bag (or larger) in the hand, along with an eternal marker. For any table, foot or any piece that is valuable or fragile, make sure that you have a blanket with furniture and packing tape that can be used to wrap and protect these items.

    If you are moving, I also recommend that you rent a dolly along with the straps that will help protect your back and ensure you can move the heavier parts.

    Disassemble first
    Prepare furniture in the house to be disassembled first. This will be the most expensive time, so it’s best to do them while you’re still feeling full of energy.

    Remove any parts that can be removed. In particular, legs, top glass, shelves or bed frames. Make one piece at a time and place the nuts, bolts and washer in a plastic bag. Write on the outside where the piece belongs and what tools are required for re-assembly.

    How to ensure the parts do not get lost
    Roll the bag into the bottom of the larger pieces. Make sure you do not protect them to areas that may be damaged when the tape is removed.

    If the furniture has multiple components, write “1 in 5”, “2 in 5”, etc. Use a small sticker and apply to the underside.

    If possible, a safety assembly manual is also included with the underlying furniture. If they are too big, pack them in a separate box and check the box labeled “Home Use Guide” like http://www.thuexetai.info/

    Package everything can be packaged

    Remove pads and pillows and place in clean garbage bags.

    Bag tight bag. Make sure there are no holes. These bags can be used to protect slim pieces or to fill holes or broken lines on trucks.

    Wrap the pieces with blankets or bubbles and protect them with tape or rope. Do not use tape directly on painted or finished surfaces.

    Do not clean furniture or furniture before moving. You will want everything to be thoroughly cleaned after it is brought into your new home. Save you some extra cleaning fees.

    Cover and protect fragile and valuable fragments

    Using a moving quilt, you can rent from a moving store or where you rent your moving car, and wrap it around furniture pieces that you do not want damaged and make sure the piece is covered. Packaging tape will be safe.

    Load heavy furniture on the first truck

    If you move and rent a moving truck.

    Make sure you know how to download trucks. Sofas, benches, appliances, countertops, wardrobes and cabinets have to be loaded first and carried to the back of the car. If you have hired people to move, they will take care of the truck and make sure all your furniture comes in one piece.


    Movers are big company and the competition is vast which one can offer the most affordable lowest cost. That is when you want to move your furniture from one place to another. There are however cost that much and even buying a new one is better that if that huge cost service. This one http://caldwells.com/sliding-closet-door-hardware offers the best, reliable and cheap furniture including doors and other home improvement materials, so why you worry much on huge cost movers, get a new one instead.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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