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Pregnant? Daughter

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    I’m a divorced day with shared custody of three girls.
    About 6 months ago my oldest daughter was overnight for a sporting event the next morning. She is 17 years old.
    The next morning she started throwing up in my bathroon. When I asked her what she had eaten, she said nothing, and commented that she had been throwing up a lot in the morning the past few days. I asked her if she wanted to take a pregnancy test, and she said yes. I did not mention it to her again that morning.

    When we were at the sporting event, I pulled the female coach (not the male coach) of the team to the side and told her what had happened that morning, including the part of she might be expecting, and asked that she help me look after my daughter if she threw up again during the very difficult sporting event.

    The sport was swimming and throwing up in a pool during an event is very embarrasing to everyone involved. With no further information to the cause, the event can become a health hazzard.
    As a dad whose child’s mother uses parental alienation at every chance that she gets, and will never discuss our children’s medical information with me to keep some weird power struggle going, I was seeking the assistance of a female, a security clearer person directly involved with my daughter at the place and time, and someone who I hoped could quickly get control of any situation with private knowledge to get my daughter out of the imbarrasment area, probably to a girl’s locker room or a private area quickly. (I was a volunteer coach for the same team and work with the coaches. I know that a female coach can take my daughter to the female locker room, something that I (dad) cannot do.)
    I was told by a social worker that I should never have told the coach for any reason at all. I can not imangine that the mother of the child would have been told not to seek help or advice of any female (or male) that she deemed appropriate or necessary.
    It seems to me that I am being targeted by the social worker because the mom has made a big deal about me telling a coach in confidence, and she is using it to further allienate my girls from me. I also get the feeling that If I challenge the social worker on this one, she will reccomend that my shared custody ends.
    Is this a “mom gets what she wants in spite of her child’s needs in this kangaroo system of social work?” 😐

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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