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Sensual massage Bali by TBM BALI

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    Do you feel like massaging and getting valuable massage tips?You love to be massaged and massage yourself, but do not know what makes a good massage?Or are you already a massage expert and wish you new inspiration and great massage tips?Are you planning a great massage exchange with a favorite person and you spoil each other?My 10 massage tips make your massage a great giftA massage exchange is a special gift for you both in giving and taking.A holistic massage not only helps you to relax on a physical, mental and emotional level and to experience a healing balance.A massage is also a wonderful way to experience precious closeness: playful, easy and joyful.Here are the 6 reasons why couples massage is a highlight for your relationship. My massage tips should get you on the way easily or lovingly remember.Mindful touch to melt awayMassage and let yourself be massaged! A careful massage makes you melt away.In the case of stress, nervousness, tiredness, difficulty falling asleep or muscle tension, it creates a TBM BALI MASSAGE outcall massage bali has been used for therapeutic

    purposes in many cultures for thousands of years. Meanwhile, there are various massage techniques that are almost

    unmanaged – from classic massage in Thailand and foot reflexology to eotic Lomi Lomi massage. Massage used

    today is good for the treatment of physical ailments and as a means of relaxation.Massage effect Depending on the

    type of massage, the effects of massage on our body may be very different. What is common to most massages,

    however, is that the skin, muscles and connective tissue are affected mechanically. This influence is influenced by

    pressure, expansion or tensile stimulation. Various massages promote blood circulation in the skin and muscles. In

    addition, cell metabolism in the tissues is stimulated and blood pressure and pulse decrease. In addition,

    massaging the skin and muscles has a relaxing effect on them. Sensual massage

    bali hardening in the muscles can be resolved outcall massage bali IDR

    170like adhesion. So, massage can also relieve pain. Howeer, massage not only has a positive effect on the area

    that is immediately treated, but also in the whole organism. About what is called a reflex arch, it must also have a

    beneficial effect on internal organs. tbm bali

    package.But not only the body, but also the soul feels a soothing massage: Through gentle touch, stress can be

    reduced. couple massage bali
    When is massage recommended? Massage can have a positive effect on one or more of the following symptoms:

    Back pain and hardening and tension in the back (If you suffer from severe back pain, you should seek medical

    attention first and then only be treated by a trained physiotherapist!) Bad circulation Mental stress Incidentally,

    massage is very effective if the body is warmed a little earlier. This can be done for example with a warm bath,

    fango package, sauna or red light treatment.When should the massage be released? As a general rule, massage

    should not be done if there is acute inflammation. Typical symptoms of inflammation include pain, fever, swelling,

    redness in the affected area and changes in the number of white blood cells. four

    hands massage bali if the inflammation is acute, the body has been very depressed by inflammation. Massage

    is an additional burden on the body that is weak and thus can worsen the clinical picture. <a href=”http://tbm-

    bali.com”>sensual massage bali

    sustainable balance.If you’re all right, a massage will help you feel better, stronger, and happier.Note a few things:Only massage if you are both healthy. If you have a fever, inflammation, varicose veins, or if you are just unsure, you should not give or get a massage.Also, never put pressure on the spine and joints.free-webinar-rebalancing and-training-Sabine-Zasche-room-for-awarenessNow I wish you a lot of fun with my 10 massage tips:1. Preparation – create atmospheremassage-equipment-room-for-consciousness-s-zasche Provide a warm, quiet and sheltered space where you are undisturbed.Decorate the room with candles, scents, flowers and favorite items. Wear comfortable feel-good clothing and remove jewelery and watch.If you like, put on a great relaxing music.Think about how long your massage lasts. I recommend you 20 – 40 minutes for the beginning.Use natural massage oil. High quality are the products of Weleda or Alverde.Alternatively, you can also massage with a cold-pressed organic olive, sunflower or rapeseed oil.2. Preliminary talk – let the body, mind and soul speakAsk how your partner is and listen carefully.So you both can dive into the first relaxation over the speeches. Question about physical tension. As a result, you know which areas of your body you might be massaging longer and more consciously.Learn in conversation more about the current life situation: Is there currently stress in certain areas?Or a special feature, like ticklish or cold feet? Or does your partner like to be massaged on the neck? Just give room for the verbal arrival.3. Relaxed position for both – experience double blessingCreate a relaxed position for you both! Cub-253513_1280The more relaxed you feel when massaging yourself, the more that feeling is transferred to your counterpart.If you do not have a massage table, prepare a well-being place on the floor.Not on the bed! It is too uncomfortable for you to massage.For your partner:Prepare a cuddly place on the floor, with a mat, a blanket and a sheet as a base and a blanket to cover.For relaxed storage, put a pillow under the back of the knees and in prone position under the footstrip.If necessary, you can put a pillow under the abdomen to relieve the lower back or underneath the chest for a relaxed neck position.To you:Pay attention to your own well-being as well!When massaging, consciously feel your body. Often change your massage position on the floor.Take a break in between by gently resting and feeling your hands on the body.Long exhalation helps you to consciously feel your body and to pay attention to your own feel-good attitude.4. Arrive – join in togetherTake enough time at the beginning of the massage to allow both of you to arrive in peace.Let your hands rest consciously on the body of your partner. Feel your own breathing and that of your partner under your hands.5. Feeling empathy – feel consciousself-massage, consciously touching, sabine zasche, space for consciousness Leave your hands in a soft, full contact so that you become one with your partner’s body.Be playful with your touch. Follow your own touch impulses. Enjoy your special quality.Dare to explore and invent your own massage strokes.

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