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Things I wish I had taught my son… And still can

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    Greetings fellow dads… I’ve recently starting writing to my son everyday now that he is off to college. In all the shuffle of dealing with 8 kids and complicated careers, there were still some lessons that I wanted to pass on but did not get to do so in person. Now… I’m making time every day to summon the wisdom I have gathered from others and from past mistakes. These emails I have automated so that interested friends can read along from #1 to however long I go. I may actually publish it when I get to #365.

    But I’ll cross that bridge later.

    Anyways, if you are interested in signing up for my daily emails entitled “Things I wish I had taught my son… And still can”, you can go to http://www.thingsiwishihadtaughtmyson.com and submit your email and your name. It’s free.

    Below is a sample of the first email I sent him. You’ll get it again if you subscribe (and remember it’s free). After that, you’ll get day two on the second day after you have subscribed.

    #1 The Balancing Act

    For 20 years I have heard of a concept which at first I didn’t get. I thought it was a nice to have, not a gotta have. Reflecting back I think my unconscious did pay attention to that valuable lesson. Reflecting back, I think it is what drives me now, keeps me in check. What is that lesson that I have been learning for the better part of my adult life?


    I have suffered when I have gone to extremes in anything. Work, play, study, anything. I have been saved by my will to maintain a balance between family and work, God and science, the intellect and intuition, listening and speaking, tradition and change, music and silence, light and darkness, relaxation and determination, health and leisure, etc…


    It’s not a concept anymore for me. It is my context. It is the invisible framework that guides me through my day, through my life.

    I had a different plan in mind on what and how I would impart some of my acquired wisdom. I didn’t think you were interested in your high school years. Now that you are away and in a semi contemplative place where you look to define your life, I will periodically send some “things” that you can accept or reject. But at least I will have passed on something more valuable than money or material possessions.

    Your papi.
    Jesus Ramirez

    Don’t forget the signup form is at http://www.thingsiwishihadtaughtmyson.com.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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