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A gadget only a dad could love – Cuisipro ice cream “scooper”

Yeah, like you really need this, but after tonight’s meal where i was scooping ice cream out of a ice cube-cold vat, I’m thinking maybe, yes, I do. The Cuisipro┬« Ice Cream Scoop & Stack is basically a big ice cream syringe. You stick it straight into the ice cream, the ice cream fills the cylinder, and you push it out making a circular, but noo scoop-like serving of ice cream. Purists beware, the “scoop” does not look like your regular ball of ice cream, nor can you place it IN a cone. Rather, the round hunk of ice cream would more sit ON a cone, rather than in it.

Still, its a cool little toy and may find it’s way into our crowded kitchen gadget drawer one of these fine days. Christmas is only 295 days away!

This product is no longer featured on the Cuisipro site, so it may be on it’s way out, to be replaced by the Cuisipro Ice-Cream Sandwich Maker.