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Another Nerf football, but made for little hands to throw farther

Nerf Vortex Mega Howler from (Hasbro) We like this new invention from the Nerf people. It reminds us of the lawn darts of our youth, without the fear of spearing the cat. The principle is somewhat similar: a light football that is attached to the rear-end of an arrow, making for an aerodynamic missle. The spin is that it’s a football, so the arrow tip is blunted and the Nerf, or course, is soft; not soft enough to save mom’s crystal vase, but safe enough not to snag a passing cat.

What’s also cool here though is that the ball is small enough for a five year old to get his fingers around it. His throws, aided by the rear fins, give him or her confidence in his natural throwing ability. Dads will enjoy the ability to really throw this ball a long distance even if you were a wimpy passer in high school. It’s not quite as easy to catch this little ball, but it sure is simple to toss.

We demo’d the Vortex Ultra Light so I can’t vouch for how the whistle works on the Howler version, and if it makes too much noise to use in the house. In general, this is not an indoor item, however, so plan for beach or yard use.