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Dads and preschoolers questions: Five questions you’d better have an answer for…

While driving home from school the other day, my six-year-old daughter observed that it’s strange that some people don’t believe in Santa Claus. Her concern wasn’t about differences in culture or religion, but for friends who were silly enough to believe that somehow parents are responsible for Santa’s activities.  We both agreed that it would be silly to think that mommy and daddy would ever have the time to do what Santa does. Five-six is the age for the hard questions. Here are five things you better have an answer for:

  1. How to talk to your child about sex when your  preschooler asks, “Where did I come from?”

  2. How to talk to your child about smoking, alcohol and drugs.

  3. How to talk to your child about divorce because she is meeting new friends who’s parents aren’t together, or because your family situation is changing.

  4. How to talk about war or other cataclysmic events if your child has worries.

  5. How to explain death to her if someone close has died, or if she wonders if you’ll die.

Good luck!