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Emotional movies call for parenting skills

Some young children may be affected emotionally from some of the summer’s biggest blockbusters, which means fathers will have to call on their parenting skills to address the situation.

In films like Pixar’s Up and the recently released Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, such themes as divorce and death are part of the features’ main plot.

These may be hard issues for young children to process and will call on fathers to comfort them.

However, some experts say movies that say crying during an emotional movie can be a therapeutic process for audience members.

If a father is faced with a child having an emotional reaction to a movie, they should talk to them about it and get them to express why exactly they are so sad.

It’s also important to listen, to allow the child to communicate as much as he or she can. Sometimes a child will calm themselves down just by talking about the reason they are sad.

Once the child calms down and appears to be stepping back from their emotional state, consider a family visit to the local ice cream parlor, so everyone leaves with a smile on their face.ADNFCR-1662-ID-19273665-ADNFCR