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New parenting skill emerging: Loosening up

In what may sound like a radical idea, a newspaper is reporting that some fathers are becoming less strict with the rules to help build confidence within their children.

According to the Arizona Republic, a growing number of fathers are allowing their children more freedom because they feel constantly worrying about their safety "has made children stifled, too dependent, lacking in confidence."

While being an overly protective parent can have its downsides, being one who is completely loose with the rules may be harmful as well.
This is where strong parenting skills come into play to find a working balance between protection and independence. However, because all children are different, there is more than one way to achieve this balance.

For example, fathers may want to slowly administer small increments of independence to their children such as allowing them to ride their bike to the library or mall, provided they have a bike lock. Not only does this help to build confidence, but it also gives the child responsibility.

To ease into the transition, hesitant fathers can provide their child with a special cell phone, one that can only make calls to home and to the police.ADNFCR-1662-ID-19187298-ADNFCR