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Ziggy Marley to revise father’s songs for children

Fathers who are fans of Bob Marley’s music, and who have always envisioned sharing their favorite songs with their children, may get the chance to do so in an innovative way this June.

Ziggy Marley, the eldest child of the late reggae singer, will be releasing two children-themed albums in the coming months, one of which will be a set of his father‘s songs that have been revised and remastered for children.

The album will be titled Family Time and is set for a June release. Proceeds from the album will reportedly go to Chepstowe Basic School in Port Antonio, Jamaica.

In a recent interview with Reuters, Marley admitted he never intended to do music for children, until he had what some may call an epiphany.

"I kind of realized why I’m being led into this world of family/children’s music is because we have to speak to the children now," Marley said. "The children have the open-mindedness. They’re going to grow up and make the world a better place, so it’s them we have to have some kind of discussion with."

Marley added the album is "the beginning of a discussion with children," which may tie in to some fathers using their parenting skills to have open conversations with their kids.

This can also be a way for some fathers to bond with their daughter or son. Many dads have passed on their interests, such as sports or music, to their children. This can lead to a simple way for two different generations to bond.

With Marley’s new album, it may work particularly well for fathers who grew up listening to Bob Marley albums, but who have been hesitant to introduce the singer’s work because of some of the lyrical content. For example, a father may not want his child singing "I shot the sheriff" in school.

The four-time Grammy winning artist assured older fans that though the album will have "a different vibe," it will still be the same Bob Marley people have grown to love over the years only for children, according to the article.

"I’m keeping true to the spirit of my father, to the spirit of his music," Marley told the news provider.ADNFCR-1662-ID-19125252-ADNFCR