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Nick Kristof’s 7 things to avoid cancer

Simple list. I do most of it, but cutting out those plastics is hard.

Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke. Slather on sunscreen and avoid tanning salons. Avoid charred meats. Check yourself over for lumps, changes or irregularities, whether in breasts or testicles or skin, and consult a doctor if you have doubts. Try to microwave food in glass or ceramic containers rather than plastic. Toss out plastic food containers that are marked 3, 6 or 7 at the bottom (unless they say “BPA-free”). Buy a radon detector to check radon levels around your house.

[From A Cancer Scare, a Scar, a Silver Lining – NYTimes.com

I’ve never researched radon detectors, but now there are a lot of home kits for testing anything from water purity to mold. If there’s anything that the last ten years have taught us, it’s that we can’t count on anyone to protect us from environmental risks. From water to food to air safety, you are pretty much the watchdog for your family’s safety. And every time, someone says not to worry (BPA in plastics, trans fats in food, mercury in vaccinations), it’s time to do the research yourself. Here’s a
home radon kit from Amazon at $14.99 and they have other kits for checking for mold and water purity.