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Sores, Rashes and Scratches! Does my kid have ringworm?

If yes, then you should probably get your children checked for a contagious fungal skin infection called ringworm. Without being painful or dangerous, this condition can be irritatingly itchy—and highly contagious.

The infection mostly spreads in the following ways:

Therefore showers, swimming pools, and locker rooms are best visited by your toddlers with their own things and it’s better for them not to go barefoot.

Despite being notorious for spreading very quickly, ringworm infections can be easily contained. Here are some effective treatments and precautions:

It takes around three to four weeks to get rid of the infection. Continue medications for one to two weeks after lesions disappear. Ensure that anything the child has come in contact with is sterilized in boiling water.

Disclaimer: The above information is commonsense reflection drawn from general experience. If you are looking for expert medical advice, please consult your doctor.