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What to do when you catch your child on Facebook

One of the perils of modern-day fatherhood is dealing with your son or daughter joining Facebook. While it can be a great way for them to stay in touch with friends, it also has the potential of being dangerous. With 94 percent of teen using the social media website, there's always the risk of inappropriate activity.

Don't completely panic now that they're online because you can take some steps to protect them. Here are some tips to ease any nerves you may have.

Get on Facebook too
You don't need to stalk and suffocate them with likes and comments, but you can at least see some of their activity this way. Although you may use it to monitor your child's presence online, it also might bring you closer together because you're sharing an interest.

Discuss Internet safety
While the Internet can be very educational, it can also be a dangerous place for you child. Some adults pose as teenagers on the Web and websites with adult-oriented content exist too. It's important that you sit down and have a father and daughter – or son – talk about Internet safety. It can be essential to protecting him or her from bad things online.