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A baby or your money back – more fertility clinics guaranteeing a baby!

Iconoculture.com, a leading trends website is predicting a new trend of money-back guarantees for fertility services. Some facilities are already offering refunds if birth is not the happy result of the $17,000 investment for women under 35. Their data says that 80% of couples would pay more for a money-back program.

Iconoculture goes on:

  • Fertility seems to be one of the few areas of medicine in which clients feel entitled to a positive result. With 6.1 million couples in the U.S. (AZCentral.com 12.18.03) not able to conceive on their own, they’re willing to lay it down for a guaranteed bundle of joy.
  • Hopeful couples appreciate physicians that understand the risks, monetary and emotional, that IVF entails. Warranty programs “prove” that IVF is a team effort and the clinic is as invested as the client.