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Meeting sperm donor dad won’t hurt children

I’m a little leery about statements like this based on a “majority of donors'” responses from a study involving only 78 teens. I would wish these kids well though. Searching through who you are in adolescence, or even middle age, isn’t easy even if you know all the scraps of data from your past.

(Reuters Life!) – The 2010 drama “The Kids Are All Right” featured two teens raised by a lesbian couple who decide to contact their biological father — an experience that is unlikely to leave scars in real life, two studies said.

The studies, published in Human Reproduction, also showed that the majority of donors who have contact with their offspring report positive experiences.

“There is considerable debate about the potential impact of having been conceived by a known or unknown sperm donor on an offspring’s psychological adjustment, especially during the vulnerable period of adolescence,” said Henny Bos, at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, in an email to Reuters Health.

Bos and colleagues studied 78 teens born to lesbian mothers via artificial insemination and followed throughout their lives as part of the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study, Mothers in 74 families also completed a child behavior checklist.

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