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Ten surprises of becoming a father

Soon after a baby is born, every new dad experiences it—a sharp jolt of reality that summons him to newer responsibilities and expectations that he’ll have to fulfill in the coming years. The changes a baby brings into your life are almost always surprising.

How many of these questions have you found yourself
asking yourself during pregnancy and after? They are not uncommon.

  1. What is this feeling I have for this baby? Is it love?
  2. Why don’t I feel about the baby the way my wife does?
  3. Why do I feel jealous about a ten-pound baby?
  4. Why do I feel depressed? What have I done? How did I get here? When will it end?
  5. Am I really meant to be a dad? Was this a complete mistake?
  6. Why I am so on edge? Is it fear?
  7. Will I still love my wife now that she’s a mom?
  8. Why doesn’t the baby like me?
  9. Are we becoming our parents?
  10. Does it have to be so complicated?

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