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2 good websites for young kids

PBSKids.org – has kid-friendly games that even a 3 year old can play. Since PBS itself is non-profit, there is no commercialism or retailing other than the tie-ins with such popular figures as Caillou, Curious George, or Clifford, the Big Red Dog. Each of these shows, of course, has it’s own merchandising efforts, but at least that component is not part of the PBSKids site.

Click here to reach the PBS site.

Disney.com – while Disney.com and gamefinder.disney.go.com (their gaming area) have many games that tie into their popular TV shows, we find this site just too confusing and too commercial for little kids. Kids at this age will need you to walk through the many options to find games related to their favorite shows like Little Einsteins, Higglytown Heroes, or JoJo’s circus.

While getting you involved is good thing and you really should be close to everything they are seeing on the internet, dads may get frustrated with how much looking, clicking, loading they have to do while little kids find something that will hold their attention for more than five minutes. Your best bet here is to go to specific areas for their favorite shows. These mini-sites are less commercial and you can keep them confined to one area.

For example, check out the Higglytown Heroes mini-site at: http://disney.go.com/disneychannel/playhouse/higglytown/games/hopandpop.html

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