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Three lesser known gadgets every dad should have

There are a lot of gadgets out there that can make life easier for dads. Everybody knows that the iPad can help you discretely play games at the in-laws' house and that the Garmin will allow you to pretend like you know where you're going. While these electronics are great, there are several other ones that may not be as widely publicized that can have just as large of an impact.

1. Coffee cup power inverter. Have you ever wanted to plug in a portable DVD player and iPod at the same time while going for a drive? Now you can. Using the power adapter in your car, this coffee cup-shaped product fits perfectly in your vehicle's cup holder and has 2 ACs and a USB port to fit all of your electronic needs while on the open road.

2. Video peephole viewer. You just heard a knock at your door. But that peep hole is so damn small you can't see who's on the other end. This innovative product provides the resident of a home with a clear video of who is disturbing your peace and if they are worth letting in.

3. Remote control finder. Who hasn't dealt with losing their remote at the worst possible time? All you want to do is turn on March Madness but you can't get Gilmore Girls off the screen. But, attach this gadget and blow the whistle and your remote will start beeping. Crisis averted.