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Single parenting: Separated fathers would like more time with kids

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Alex Bellamy   Print
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New research has suggested that three-quarters of separated fathers would like to see their children more.

Single parenting is never easy, but the Australian study found that one in five separated dads have no contact with their kids at all, while one in four see them just a few times annually, the country's Herald Sun paper reports.

Researcher Ibolya Losoncz found that the mother played a role in this - if she saw little value in the father's involvement, she would tend to limit his contact time.

Indeed, she suggests that one reason for the "considerable difference" between the amount of time men would like to spend with their children and the actual amount they get could be due to poor parental relations.

"For most children, separation of their parents will be marked by a considerable loss of contact with their non-resident parent, often the father," Ms Losoncz told the publication.

Nick Woodall from the Centre for Separated Families in the UK suggests that dads who no longer live with their children should first and foremost endeavor to keep any conflict with their mom away from the kids.

In addition, good communication, flexibility and making sure they all well provided for are all essential to good father and son or father and daughter relationships post-separation, he states.
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By Kaylee,   From You put the lime in the coconut and drink the aitr
You put the lime in the coconut and drink the aitrlce up.

By Nick,   From UK
Good to see this advice on your site. For readers who would like to read more about our work at the Centre for Separated Families, please go to

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