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Top Three Difficulties of Working from Home

While working from home brings benefits like family time, sometimes these very benefits can turn into difficulties. Here is a list of the top three difficulties faced by home entrepreneurs:

1. Work-Life Balance

While your work-from-home idea stemmed from your desire to balance your work and family life, working from home can tilt the balance completely towards family obligations. Attending to household chores is a full time job. If you include all these chores in your work-from-home life, you’ll soon find your business crowded out. Ask any housewife, household chores never end. Organize help to take care of your household chores. The help could even come from your older kids.

2. Lack of Workspace

Working from home allows you to create your own comfort zone. If you have a big house, you can easily designate one room to be your workplace. If there are bigger kids, you can easily keep this room out of bounds by locking it. The problem comes if you live in a small apartment with no spare room for your workspace. You would then set up your workspace either in your bedroom, living room, or in the hallway. With bigger kids, it would be very difficult to keep your workspace protected. Setting up a system of locks and cabinets might help you resolve this issue until you move into a bigger house.

3. Not Being Taken Seriously

Working from home gives you the freedom to interact with people you choose. However, a home business would not instill the kind of confidence that an organization in the same business inspires. People may not take you seriously because many tend to consider home businesses as little hobbies. Home business owners should therefore project a professional business image. This can be done with the help of a professional looking website, business cards, and other arrangements associated with regular businesses.

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Top Three Distractions to Avoid when Working from Home

You may have opted to work from home for a number of reasons like getting away from workplace stress, reducing commute time, gaining more income, or gaining more family time. However, work-from-home can be fraught with distractions that could mar your venture.

Here are the top three distractions to avoid:

1. Taking Frequent Snack Breaks

Many home based entrepreneurs have admitted that frequent snack breaks are among their biggest distractions. There is the temptation to munch all the time while working. Some dads find themselves consuming entire bags of potato chips without even realizing it. Income Opportunities Magazine reports that 36% work-from-home Americans gained weight over a short period. While well-timed breaks are ok, overindulging in food is not.

It might help to keep snacks away from the workplace as a rule. Set a strict timetable for snack breaks. Ensure your workplace is not within easy access of the refrigerator. Shut your door to prevent the kitchen aromas from stimulating your olfactory nerves.

2. Sleeping in Excess

Each individual may have a unique sleep pattern. Some people are early birds and others are night owls. One advantage of working from home is that it allows you a flexible sleep schedule. It allows you to choose a work schedule that will suit your sleep pattern. However, home entrepreneurs who work in their bedroom, admit to being tempted to lie down at every opportunity. Giving in to this impulse gradually increases their total sleep time. Obviously, increased sleep time reduces productivity and income.

Repetitive tasks can cause a person to be sleepy. Therefore, avoid working in your bedroom. If there is no alternative, and you have to take a quick nap, make it a rule to restrict your nap to any place other than your bed. Keep an alarm to wake you up within a few minutes.

3. Family Obligations

Does work from home imply that dad should now take over all the family obligations? Regular family obligations include cooking, tidying the house, caring for the plants, mowing the lawn, caring for the baby, getting the children ready for school, tutoring the kids, taking the kids for a walk, buying the groceries, paying bills, and a host of other tasks.

Running a business requires that you dedicate a fixed number of hours each day to business related activities. Calculate how much work time is required to run your home business. Despite what the “get rich quick” ads say, if you want to earn millions of dollars, you’ll likely have to spend many many hours at your desk. Other options, depending on your lifestyle and location, may allow you to work a more limited schedule. Develop a plan that will get you to your goal and estimate the number of hours required. Then, plan to work during your “workday,” as defined by you. If you’re working around your kids’ schedule, that may mean six hours during the day and another two hours after they go to bed.

Family obligations require their own share of dedicated time. Fit them into your plan. If you don’t, they could distract you from your business schedule. Planning could include hiring babysitting help to make sure you can concentrate on your work.

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Top Three Web Based Work from Home Ideas for Dads

The Internet has opened doors to many work-from-home
occupations. Here is a list of the most popular web-based businesses, requiring
very basic academic qualifications:

1. Data Entry

This job involves information processing. Qualifications
required include familiarity with a word processing software, a spreadsheet
software, and some typing speed. The more software applications you know, the
better your chances of getting work.

3. Research

Companies need information to continue to grow. Several
companies rely on information gained from research on the Web. A skilled web
surfer can easily find sources and databases for information that companies
need. You could start your own Internet Research Service to offer information
and know-how.

4. Paid Survey

These are mainly market research surveys meant to gather
data on various products and services. What is required from you is merely your
opinion or feelings on a company’s products or services. This information is
very valuable for companies as it helps them improve their products or services
and stay ahead of the competition. They are therefore willing to pay you for
the information.


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experiences with other dads.

Top Three Drawbacks of Working from Home – for Individuals

Working from Home or telecommuting can have drawbacks both
for the individual as well as for the company.

Here is a list of the top three drawbacks for individuals:

1. Overwork

If extra hours of work translate into more money, people
have a tendency to overwork. Spending time with the family cannot be reduced to
mere proximity. It requires time spent in family interactions. If working from
home actually means more work, then the very activity that was meant to create
more family time will prevent you from spending more quality time with your

2. Interruptions

Quality work output requires an environment where a worker
won’t be constantly disturbed with concerns not related to his task. Such a
work environment is difficult to obtain in a home setting. It is difficult to
ignore your baby crying or your older kids creating a ruckus in an adjacent
room. Besides, there may be constant interruptions from service providers (mail,
FedEx, home repair).

3. Social Isolation

An office environment naturally lends itself to social
interactions. When working from home, people miss the camaraderie and regular
face-to-face interactions with their peers. Home workers also lose the
opportunity for informal, work related discussions as one might get, for
example, in a staff cafeteria at lunchtime.


When making your decision, take into consideration these and
other drawbacks. Weigh them against the advantages. Once you have weighed the
pros and cons, you will be in a better position to decide whether working from
home will work out for you.

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experiences with other dads.

How to Choose your Work-from-Home Job

Most people wishing to work-from-home or telecommute start
with a state of confusion. There are so many work-from-home scams that most
newbies end up burning their fingers at their initial attempt to set up home

If you wish to stay away from the scams, the first rule is
to avoid the get-rich-quick schemes. Focusing on job satisfaction instead of
big money will steer you past many of the scams strewn across the marketplace.

When looking for a work-from-home opportunity, here are a
few questions you need to ask yourself:

1. What do I enjoy

There may be several things you enjoy doing; list them all.
Don’t leave out anything. List also those activities that you suspect might not
earn you money, for example, watching TV. You may be surprised; there are
work-from-home opportunities also for people who would like to watch TV for a
living. The only criterion in this list is that it should be an activity you
enjoy doing.

2. What are the
activities I would rather not do professionally?

Doing something professionally means doing similar tasks
everyday, even repetitively. There may be activities you enjoy doing, but
rather not do professionally. Many people stop enjoying certain activities if
they have to do them for a living. For example, you may enjoy watching a
certain TV program. However, would you enjoy watching the same scene repeatedly
about 20-30 times? This is what you might need to do if you became a video or
movie editor.

3. What are the
activities I have the skills for?

Make a list of all the skills you have used in the past.
Don’t limit yourself to workplace skills. Include work that you may have done
for your family, friends, or charitable organizations.

4. What are the
skills I would enjoy learning?

Make a list of all the skills that you would enjoy learning.
For example, you might enjoy learning how to play a musical instrument or story

5. What are the
required skills I can learn in the shortest time?

Based on your interests, make a list of the skills it would take you the least time
to learn.

6. What are the tasks
I hate doing or what working styles do I hate the most?

List tasks related to the workplace as well as tasks in
other informal settings. For example, you may hate creating detailed reports or
working under a boss.

Now identify an activity with the most occurrences across
all the “like” categories and absent in the “hate”
category. For example, your most frequent “like” activity may be
watching TV. Then search for work-from-home opportunities that involve
activities like editing or categorizing videos.

This exercise will help you narrow down your search and
possibly land you a job that will bring you job satisfaction. In most cases,
when people enjoy their job, they produce quality output and consequently are more successful.  Remember also, that success and money don’t
always go hand. While ideally, a job you love will mean money and happiness,
you may have to sacrifice some (or a lot) of the former to achieve the latter.


Use the Comments section below to share your tips, views, or
experiences with other dads.