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man kicking fat

Are you giving your child too many cookies?

"Parents’ Denial Fuels Childhood Obesity Epidemic," is the title of an article in the New York Times yesterday. In it, the NYT explains that a lot of parents either don't see or don't want to see signs of incipient obesity in their own kids. Despite widespread publicity about the obesity epidemic, parents increasingly seem to be turning a blind ...read more

100 pushups a day – an update

Well, it hasn’t been for lack of trying but 9 weeks on, my daughter and I have still not made it to 100 pushups a day at one go as we described in an earlier post. I’ve failed at Day 1 of Week 6 and my daughter has failed several times at the first day of Week 5. Finally, I had the bright ideas of creating a Week 5A with an increase in pushups ...read more

Adrian Peterson returns to the Vikings

For Minnesota Vikings fans, last fall 2014 was a disaster. After four winning preseason games to lose our star running back was a huge loss. But even worse were the accusations of child abuse during punishment of his son. As a fan, I was very disappointed by how the situation played out. Let’s be clear; there is no excuse for child abuse in 2015. ...read more

push-ups man and girl

100 push-ups a day: an activity to do with your teen

Lately, my 15-year old daughter has been on a “self-help” phase, fueled by tons of website showing clickbait titles like “4 simple ways to memorize anything” or “Try this to have fuller eyelashes.” That has interested in her in other tricks or “hacks” to achieve new things. My daughter and I share a lot of things including what othe ...read more

set of keys

Zipper won’t stay up? Here’s a hack to keep the cows at home

I love the cut and styling of my Lee jeans. While I always said I’d never wear elastic in my waistband, their Modern Series has just the right amount of stretch for a good fit. And the orange threading is just enough styling for my anti-brand consciousness. However, their zippers suck. I have 2 pair and both zippers are constantly falling down ...read more

Why my son doesn’t want to have a playdate at your house

We weathered allergic reactions to friends pets, but weren’t ready for a new obstacle to social situations. At some point, maybe even at three or four, your child will say they don’t want to go to someone’s house, perhaps because the adults are boring, or they have a big dog that scares the bejesus out of them. Later on, as for adults, the dy ...read more

Freaky or cool?

Pod-like massage beds I spotted in Las Vegas. The users looked comatose.

Hooray for Hyundai’s Dad’s Sixth Sense Super Bowl Ad

I did not see this coming from Hyundai. This new ad from Super Bowl hit all the right chords. While some of the dads’ lif-saving moves were slightly over the top, any father who’s doing his job knows how close his kids have come to bad falls and collisions. When your kids are 2 and 3, in fact, it’s almost every day if not every hour. And that ...read more

Back to school night

Last night we went back to school night for my sons fourth-grade class. We have an eighth grader's we've already been through this before. Most of our questions focused on changes from the routine from what we experienced four years ago. Something look harder and some things are easier, but it looks like our son will have a full day. We were struck ...read more

iOS 7.0: the beginning of the end for Apple?

Our entire family has now downloaded the new iOS for iPad and iPhone. I should say to start out that I've been an Apple user since 1992, and one of the faithful few even during the dark days. Our love for Apple has always stemmed from the human side of the product, and what Steve jobs try to medicate with the slogan "the computer for the rest of us ...read more

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