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How to choose an email for tweens

First of all, a confession. I am a shoemaker and my children have no shoes. I've been working in the Internet since 1996, but my daughter, at 11, is clearly the last one in her class to get an email. Opening that Pandora's Box is something that I push off month to month, day to day, hour to hour. Now, at long last, a teacher is requiring that all s ...read more

Opt out of Facebook’s facial-recognition – here’s how

Another thing for my semi-privacy policy to-do list. I'm not naive enough to think privacy is at all possible these days, and the government definitely can identify almost all of us using facial recognition. I'd just as soon though, that not every Tom, Dick, and Larry is able to identify me and my family. If you haven't seen it yet, Facebook's n ...read more

Honor a Military Dad from Fatherhood.org.

I just had a good talk with Vincent DiCaro at the Fatherhood Initiative. They work to support involved dads and motivating others to be the best dads they can be. They are honoring military dads with a Military Dad Award. Please take a look if you know a military dad who deserves an added honor as a dad. Along with all the costs of war, we also d ...read more

Almost all of US kids now have digital footprint online

There is a very thought provoking study out of internet security firm AVG showing what we all know to be true. Kids' names, images, and history are going up on the internet, and forever public long before they can approve of it: 34% of children have their sonograms uploaded to the internet The average age at which a child acquires an online p ...read more

Social Media and Your Children (Video)

DadLabs tackles the subject of kids, cyberspace and your family's social media strategy. Find out which sites exist that can introduce kids to social media technology and allow them to connect with friends.

Facebook privacy settings advice

I was with my sister-in-law over the weekend. She works in a large high school as an assistant principal. She always has anecdotes to tell about the stresses of modern teens and the trouble they get into. Since my kids are only six and ten, most of these are just cautionary tales, but more and more, the advice is hitting closer to home. This weeken ...read more

Warning: new Facebook scams may be bigger lures for parents

I've been in the internet for 15 years, worked in data security at Visa, and most recently at Yahoo!, and still I was "phished" by a Yahoo! ID scam a few weeks ago. It was pretty tame stuff. The scammers sent an email with another phishing link to my entire address book, but did not appear to do any other damage before I changed my password. With a ...read more

Be a dad hero – make a Word Search puzzle using your child’s name

You used to have to buy special software to makes puzzles like Word Search, or worse, tediously type out letters in rows to hide key words. DiscoveryEducation.com, however, has an easy-to-use Puzzle Maker where you type in your words and it spits this out with a list of the words you chose for him or her. So much better than the self-serving ones y ...read more

Sorry about our broken header on GreatDad.com/GreatDadBlog

It's been out of order for 3 days after I tried to "automatically" update the WordPress software. If anyone has a quick fix, let me know. Otherwise, we'll try to get it back to normal tomorrow.

Options for dads with young kids who want email

My kids are 5 and 9, and we are always trying to keep them away from all the evils the 21st century has in store. It may seem really antediluvian, but that includes PG-rated movies, Nintendo DS-style solitary video games, the wild and wooly internet, and even email. The longer we can put off the inevitable, the greater the chance that we will have ...read more

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