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Three ways to make up for a botched Mother's Day

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James Dunsford   Print
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Mother's Day and Father's Day are two different animals. Mother's Day is a celebrated occasion when the family comes together to show the lady of the house just how much they cherish everything she does. Kids drive home from distant corners of the map to give their mothers breakfast in bed, pamper them with spa treatments and indulge their every wish all day long. Flowers, candy, elegant meals and fine wines come out for the special day.

On Father's Day, you get a card about golf.

Even if you're perfectly content with a humble Father's Day, it's worth noting that this is one of the (MANY!) topics on which men and women tend to have differing opinions. Unfortunately, a hug and a "Happy Mother's Day, dear" are not going to suffice on this all-important holiday. Unless you are seriously injured, on the other side of the world or in a coma, you're going to have to go for broke.

So if you're one of the dads out there who made the mistake of celebrating Mother's Day with the indifference of past dad's day festivities, here's how to make amends for a botched effort:

1.) Make the claim that "Every day is Mother's Day!" Explain to the lady in your life that a single day of Hallmark cards and meals out could not possibly demonstrate just how much you appreciate her. If that doesn't work, buying flowers for a week straight should get the job done.

2.) Blame someone or something else. The media, leap years, a busy work schedule, Tiger Woods, global warming and the recession can now officially be blamed for everything - it's the golden sextet of excuses.

3.) Run. Run as fast as you can.
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