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Implement time-out methods that work

Raising kids can be difficult and fatherhood requires not only positive moments with your child, but also negative ones, such as time-outs. Time-outs can be effective if done properly. First, be consistent in time-outs by explaining what kinds of behavior will result in them. Hitting or throwing things can be reasons for a child to spend some t ...read more

Raising a girl to appreciate her body and mind

Relationships can be difficult for fathers and daughters. It can be hard for fathers to grasp the balance between teaching a daughter to love her body as it is and appreciating her mind. Society stresses physical beauty, but lately, movements have worked on counteracting these pressures and focusing on the mind instead. So how does a father figure ...read more

Three ways to celebrate Mother’s Day this year

It may be hard to believe, but Mother's Day is just around the corner. Before you know it, it will be May 8 and you and you're kids will be scrambling to find a way to make your wife feel appreciated and loved. It's best to start planning now, and with a little creativity you can create a Mother's Day to remember.To help make things ...read more

Dad looking at phone

Three lesser known gadgets every dad should have

There are a lot of gadgets out there that can make life easier for dads. Everybody knows that the iPad can help you discretely play games at the in-laws' house and that the Garmin will allow you to pretend like you know where you're going. While these electronics are great, there are several other ones that may not be as widely publicized t ...read more

Top 3 unique ideas for Valentine’s Day

Most dad's think they have Valentine's Day figured out. Pick up some flowers, chocolates and a thoughtful card and you've got a one-way ticket to performing the horizontal tango, right? Wrong. While theseare all nice gestures it may take more than the age-old tricks to prevent spending an early night alone in bed.But fear not, there are ...read more

Dads: Nagging may be hazardous to your health

For men who have to contend with non-stop nagging, results of a new study may give wives reason to back off. Dutch researchers have found that dads who are subjected to constant badgering from their spouses are more likely to develop significant health conditions, Men's Health reports.While some may be skeptical, the risk seems to be much more ...read more

Fathers: Surprising things that may be killing your sperm

While there are a number of myths floating around about sperm killers, such as the merits of briefs instead of boxers, it turns out that some concerns may be justified. There are a number of every day items that may be killing dads sperm, Prevention Magazine reports, and they're not what everyone might think.Handling receipts is a necessary par ...read more

Todd Palin: A cautionary tale for dads

With the much publicized affairs of famous dads such as Tiger Wood and John Edwards, one would think that other fathers in the spotlight would think twice (or three or four times) before straying from their famous spouses. Apparently it seems that Todd Palin might have missed the memo. The internet is abuzz with reports that former "First Dude ...read more

Running boosts brain power, studies show

The next time dads are looking for a boost in intelligence, it may be best for them to lace up their running shoes instead of opening up a book. A growing body of research suggests that in addition to improving one's physical health, cardiovascular exercise might make people smarter, Men's Health reports.There is a great deal of evidence th ...read more

Five gadgets every dad should get this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is typically thought of as a holiday during which husbands and boyfriends can dote upon their significant others. Though the day typically causes a mixture of dread, fear and anticipation among all men, dads might be hopeful that they'll receive a few items on their wish lists in honor of cupid. For dads who are hoping to re ...read more

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