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Do-It-Yourself Halloween Decorations

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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You can turn any home into a haunted house for Halloween by adding the right Halloween decorations. Here are simple do-it-yourself suggestions for Halloween decorations that you, your family, and the neighbors will enjoy this fall.

Gourd candleholders
Dim lighting is essential in creating the right Halloween mood so work on that as the first of your Halloween decorations. Create a low light atmosphere in your home by using candles instead of overhead lighting. To create a spooky candleholder, cut a hole in the center of a gourd, squash, or miniature pumpkin. This might be hard to do so start by gently rocking the knife back and forth until you create a slit. Keep moving the knife carefully until there is an open section large enough to hold a candle.

    Safety warning: Make sure you put the candleholder on a tray with aluminum foil. As with all Halloween decorations, advise your children to stay away from the flame.

Witch's cauldron
To create the ultimate witch's cauldron you will need a large bowl, dry ice, and water. You can purchase dry ice from a local ice cream parlor or grocery store. Put the dry ice in a container with a tight lid. Then submerge the container in water. Warm water will produce more smoke that will disappear rapidly while colder water will produce less smoke that will last longer. You can put the cauldron at your front door or as the centerpiece on your dining room table.

    Safety warning: Do not touch the dry ice with your bare hands. Either use tongs or thick gloves. Make sure that children do not play with the dry ice.

Glowing ghosts
A glowing ghost is the perfect example of how simple and fun making Halloween decorations can be. Activate a mini glow stick, slip it inside a balloon, and blow up the balloon. Position the knot of the balloon at the top center and use a black marker to make a face. Use a thin or transparent white cloth to cover the balloon, cut a small hole in the cloth and push the knot through so you can tie a string to it and hang it from a tree, your door, or a lamppost in your front yard. Your glowing ghost will blow in the wind, letting all your neighbors know that Halloween has arrived.

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By Chianna,   From What a joy to find somneoe else who thinks this wa
What a joy to find somneoe else who thinks this way.

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