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Games To Play with Your Six-Month-Old

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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A six-month-old is awake for much of the day, and she wants to play. Here are some tips for having fun with your baby:

Play naming games with your baby. Point to her nose and say, “nose.” Do the same with her eyes, hands and toys.

Play pat-a-cake with your baby.

Play pop-goes-the-weasel. When you reach the “pop,” raise your baby’s arms in the air. Don’t jerk her arms or swing her by the arms.

Partly hide a toy under a blanket or piece of cloth. Let your baby grab the toy and learn to pull the blanket off.

Put several empty plastic cups into a shoebox. The cups can be different sizes. Reach into the box and take one cup out at a time. Pick out another cup and do it again. After you do this a few times, your baby will imitate you.

Put a large picture of yourself and dad near her crib or high chair. When she says “mama” or “da-da,” point to the pictures. Say, “There’s mommy” (or, “There’s daddy”).

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By Divya,   From Chennai

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