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Back to School Book Giveaway

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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The end of summer is quite near and soon the kids will be off to school. Hachette Books want to help readers celebrate their love of learning and reading with a special giveaway of 5 thought-inspiring books for parents:

NurtureShock By Po Bronson , Ashley Merryman  
Close Encounters of the Third-Grade Kind By Phillip Done  

In CHEAP We Trust By Lauren Weber  

The Love Revolution By Joyce Meyer  

Six Pixels of Separation By Mitch Joel

GreatDad Contest

Win a set of these 5 exciting books. To enter the contest, simply tell us what is your funniest vacation experience and why . Send in your answers using the comment form below. Last date for entries is August 31, 2009.

Read the rules and regulations.

Contest Update: The contest is closed. See the winner's page.
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By Gianna,   From Cambridge
I remember when we went to go visit Mount Rushmore.. My daughter asked me since we got to see the four heads will we get to see the four butts LOL. She saw a funny post card of Mount Rushmore from behind and sent it to her grandparents.

By Tonya,   From Hayward
I don't have any funny vacation stories as we have never been on vacation. I would like to enter though.

By Janet,   From NJ
The most fun was spending a week with family members that I had not seen in years.

By LeAnn,   From State Center
We never took many family vacations. Traveled around our own state one day when we saw on the map the town across the border. We drove the 25 miles, had our daughter at age 8 go stand by the sign"Welcome to London, Minnesota". It still is the favorite trip at family discussions.

By Sara,   From Oceanside
Before I entered highschool my parents would take all of us to June Lake, CA. WE'd just hangout and fish. It was nice to het to spends that time with them.

By Becky,   From Pottstown
Our funny vacation experience was when my husband had the brilliant idea that we could ride our bikes around Chincoteague. It ended up being a whiny 12 mile trip that we now refer to as "the biking incident".

By carol,   From upland
I was very bad. While in paris I had a migraine and the hotel we booked ended up being so crappy and just ick! So the cot they gave us hardly had any rungs and they wouldn't do anything about it. I got so mad I yelled at the guy but when he left I picked it up and started pulling it out of the room. I wanted to stuff it in the elevator ot down the spiral staircase! I stopped because I figured they might arrest me but I sure wanted to. My kids still tease me about when I hulked out in Paris!

By ABeth,   From Dayton
we once stayed at a quaint old inn - in the middle of the night I heard a strange sound - only to turn on the lights and see a bird had come down the chimney in our room and was flying around the room - ugh! long night!

By Janet,   From AFTON
The funniest was when we drove around in circles, because we got lost for hours. happens all the time:(

By dawn,   From whittier
while in Vegas once this guy was following us everywhere what got funny is we would get on the elevator and he would get on we get off he'd get off it was getting crazy. Come to find out he was trying to get to the same wedding we were going to and instead of asking he did this.

By Bridget,   From Chesapeake
Kind of funny- kind of not. I took my girls to South Beach when they were 12 and 14. We were eating at an outdoor restaurant. The girls ordered virgin pina colodas, only to discover after their second, they weren't virgin drinks. The "virgin" part must have got lost in translation somewhere....

By Aaron,   From Aurora
Open bar at Universal Studios.

By christopher,   From elk grove
spending the summer as a counselor at a summer camp

By Meghan,   From Issaquah
On a cross country trip (by car) with my two sons, I was constantly being honked at. I was starting to get really angry. I could not figure out why everyone was honking at me. Finally I decided to pull over and check out the car. I was worried maybe the honks were a warning that something was wrong with the car. I get out expecting to see a flat tire or something along this lines... but instead I discover a sign taped to the back of the car. It said "Honk your horn and prank our mom" Of course my sons immediately exploded in laughter. They had been holding in those laughs from the very first honk. I took the sign off, but I had to give them credit. It was funny and a memorable way to start off our long drive!

By Mishia,   From Sacramento
We were driving home from Reno and my son had to use the bathroom really bad, there was no where to stop at the time so I told him to go in a Slurpee cup, well long story short, we all go splashed.

By Beverley,   From Toronto
My funniest vacation memory was when I went to Tokyo and tried to order off the menu at McDonald's (because I was too intimidated to try the less familiar due to not know the language) but I couldn't read anything. I had to point a pictures and say double cheeseburger quite a few times. It was an awkward experience.

By Julie,   From Roswell
We traveled from CA to MD (and a bunch of other states) with 5 of us (3 teenagers and Mom and Dad) in a Nissan Stanza. CROWDED!

By Ed,   From Skokie
My nieces put magnetic letters on my back while I was tanning to spell UNCLE EDDIE!

By Leann,   From Clovis
My funniest experience was at Yosemite. My 3 white blonde children were the hit with all the japanese tourists who wanted to take pictures with them. The kiddos thought they were movie stars.

By Jennifer,   From Buffalo
My funniest vacation experience was when I was a teenager and staying at a cabin near the lake. I dropped a library book into the water and had to try to get it out, my cousin thought it was hilarious and even took a picture of me trying to reach it.

By Jay,   From Chicago
On a ferry from Mackinac Island we were on top. We were told that unless you were on the first row you would get soaked. We tried to go under but it was full, so we moved seats. The people that sat in the seats we left got soaked, we didn't. We took pictures.

By Benita,   From New York
My funniest vacation was when I was in Mexico. Although I am a native speaker of English, the Mexican people thought I was Cuban, and I couldn't convince them otherwise.

By Benita,   From New York
My funniest vacation was when I was in Mexico. Although I am a native speaker of English, the Mexican people thought I was Cuban, and I couldn't convince them otherwise.

By Laura,   From Villas
When I was on my honeymoon this annoying guy kept hitting on me every time my husband walked away. When he finally gave up and moved on to someone a little more drunk, she leaned over and threw up on his shoes.

By Rebecca,   From Opelika
Our funniest vacation was taking our boys out west when they were 9 and 11. Neither had ever ridden horses, seen buffalo, elk or even cows up close and neither had been in more snow than an inch. (We were Atlanta townees). On our way into Yellowstone, we ran into a freak snow storm (June!) and they had to stop and make snow balls as my husband yelled about getting caught on the wrong side of the pass. We got over the pass, then snowed in at the Inn in the park. Next morning the boys ran out to play in the snow, saw these great big "Cows" and ran toward them to pet them. I ran just as fast screaming "Those aren't cows!" Then came the horse riding. Well, you can guess and the whole vacation continued the same way.

By Marianna,   From Louisville
My funniest vacation memory - in retrospect - is our first ever family vacation to Disneyworld. While one of my sons was having his caricature drawn in the hotel lobby, I thought my husband was watching our other son (a very wild, rambunctious toddler). When I turned around, hubby asked "where is M?" He was lost! We were in a panic and searched the grounds for him for about 30 minutes before he finally turned up just right around the corner from where we were standing - watchin a movie on the lobby TV. How we overlooked him, I don't know!

By Beth,   From South Amboy
The funniest vacation was when my family drove us to upstate NY to go the Sterling Forest. We drove over 4 hours to get there and it was closed for renovation.
Thanks for the great giveaway.

By Angela,   From Frederick
I went on Spring Break to myrtle beach as a teenager and my "friend" at the time was trying to impress me and attempted to pull off a flower in the middle of a cactus for me... we spent the next hour trying to get all of the thorns out or his hand! I guess he did make an impression!

When my husband and I were first dating we went to the Dominican Reublic for 10 days. I broke his toe on a banana boat the very first day!

By sarah,   From Meridian
Love the conteest bring it on.

By Linda,   From Kanata
That would be the time I flew my hubby to Toronto for a mini-vacation for a birthday gift. I had a skirt on a hanger draped over my arm, along with his good clothing. It seems the skirt disappeared without my knowledge. We had reservations for a dinner-theatre that evening, and since I didn't notice the missing skirt until all the stores were closed, I wore a black slip to dinner and made sure we were seated at the darkest area of the restaurant (he got my meal from the buffet). He was getting a good laugh out of it, anyhow.

By Janet,   From NJ
The funniest was when we drove around in circles, because we got lost for four hous.

By Carol,   From WASHINGTON
Not funny,but this happened on our vacation to Erie PA. We spent the weekend at an indoor water park in Feb..It snowed 30 inches and we tried to find a place to eat but everyone was closed and we kept getting stuck in the snow. Ended up eating from a convenience store near the motel.

By Melinda,   From Swarthmore
funniest vacation was when it rained all week, but it was still tons of fun!

By Lisa,   From Knoxville
Well, I thought it was hysterical, but my husband didn't see the humor! We were in Stockholm in a restaurant, and the waiter brought over a bowl of cole slaw. There were some very, very stiff tongs in the bowl to be used for serving. I got a big scoop in the tongs, and as I was transferring it to my plate, the tongs suddenly sprang open and the cole slaw exploded outward -- all over my husband. He had cabbage and dressing from head to foot. I was mortified, but he looked so funny sitting there with cabbage in his hair that I couldn't stop giggling!

By Venus,   From Waipahu
I would like to be entered in the Back to School book giveaway!

By Jasmine,   From Edmonton
Best holiday, this year to see the dinasors in Alberta,
Count me in on this awesome giveaway.

By Aliya,   From Calgary
I've had many adventures and travels in my life and it's very difficult to pick just one vacation experience to relate and rate as funny... While chilling at our beach house in Baja, we drove into Rosarito to purchase groceries. The entire Mexican store was strange and funny... The first thing you see upon entry are rifles and guns, not locked behind glass or secured in any way. Then there was the Tequila, which they did lock behind glass! Then there were the personal and feminine hygiene products located next to the produce (fruits and vegetables). It was so turned around and crazy that we ended up running around in circles, lost and confused but having a great time...

Please accept this as my entry. Thank you!

By JenniferR,   From Houston
My funniest vacation experience was when I went to Acapulco, Mexico with my family for a few weeks. This one day we were out at the beach and I almost drowned. Yes, I know that doesn't sound so funny but the thing is. A friend was holding on to my arm to keep me from being pushed down by the waves as I held on to my shorts which were falling off. It was embarrassing! I honestly didn't think I was going to drown but supposedly I could have. I cared more about keeping my shorts on thank you. :)

By Mike,   From Holiday
i want to win

By Jeffrey,   From San Clemente
My funniest vacation experience is when I got off a bus in Thailand. I looked back and everyone in the bus was waving goodbye. Kind of unusual, I thought, but I waved back. Turns out they were waving because they wanted me to get back on the bus - I got out at the wrong stop!


By Charlene,   From Berkeley
A quickie but a goodie: My brother and I were in the Caribbean on a pier near the beautiful blue water. He commented that he couldn't believe how spectacular and majestic the island looked. And then, as if by Divine Intervention, a flock of seagulls flew by and pooped on his head. Luckily I was spared. I have NEVER laughed that hard since!

By susan,   From belfast
we didn't go anywhere but as a joke we sent a picture to our work showing us with a lobster showing us just having fun. it looked like we were away from home we were on our back lawn . we told everyone when we went back to work mverno@roadrunner.con

By Amber,   From Naperville
My funniest vacation experience was when I was tricked into eating frogs in Taiwan!

By desiree,   From hurst
great prize

By Alicia,   From Winchester
When I was with my ex, we used to go to Palm Springs every year for vacation. One summer, unbeknownst to us, there was a huge convention in town for German people. Everywhere that we went, and even in our hotel, we were practically the only people who spoke English. They seemed very nice, but I was surprised by how huge they are. Even the women seemed to be all 6'2". It was a funny experience.

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