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Bedknobs and Broomsticks DVD Giveaway

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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On September 8th, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment releases the fully restored and remastered Bedknobs and Broomsticks: Enchanted Musical Edition on DVD! Experience the extraordinary animation, enchanting music and Academy Award(R)-winning special effects (1971: Best Effects, Special Visual Effects) of Disney's beloved classic Bedknobs and Broomsticks now fully restored  and remastered in the Enchanted Musical Edition with dazzling new bonus features

When young Charlie, Carrie and Paul move to a small village during World War II, they discover their host, Miss Price (Angela Lansbury), is an apprentice witch! Although her early attempts at magic create hilarious results, she successfully casts a traveling spell on an ordinary bedknob, and they fly to the fantastic, animated Isle of Naboombu to find a powerful spell that will save England! Also starring David Tomlinson (Mary Poppins) and Roddy McDowall, Bedknobs and Broomsticks is a heartwarming adventure viewers will love to revisit!

Bonus Features :

The Wizards of Special Effects - Hosted By Jennifer Stone From Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place Jennifer Stone, Harper on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, becomes a Special Effects Wizard Apprentice and learns about the academy award winning 1971 special effects in Bedknobs and Broomsticks, then compares them to the special effects magic of her current show Disney’s Wizard’s Of Waverly Place.   

Music Magic: The Sherman Brothers - Take a look behind the scenes from a musical point of view of Bedknobs and Broomsticks with The Sherman Brothers, Angela Lansbury, and Scott MacQueen. Explores the origins of the songs, including what was deleted and what made it into the final version of the film.

Deleted Song – “A Step in the Right Direction”

“PORTOBELLO ROAD” Recording Session
- A rare clip of David Tomlinson’s recording of the song “Portobello Road”

GreatDad Contest

Win a Bedknobs and Broomsticks: Enchanted Musical Edition DVD. To enter the contest, simply tell us what is most embarrassing parent moment you've seen or experienced and why. Send in your answers using the comment form below. Last date for entries is September 7, 2009.

Read the rules and regulations.

Contest Update: The contest is closed. See the winner's page.

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By Jennifer,   From Rincon
My daughter is 2 1/2 we went to the library a few days ago. I needed a book for a research paper and while I was talking to the research librarian she started to sing happy birthday at the top of her lungs, everyone in the library gave me that look, yeah you know the one, I could not get out there fast enough.

By Terri,   From Fort Atkinson
I think my most embarrassing experience as a parent was when my son was about 4 and he threw a huge temper tantrum in a Rocky Rococco's. We had to pretty much drag him screaming and kicking out of there.

By Wendy,   From Davenport
Near the end of church one Sunday, my four-month old exploded out of her diaper. I looked down and there was yellow [insert your own noun] all over the church floor. Since I was holding a baby and covered in poop, I simply dropped a blanket to cover the incriminating evidence. After church, several very nice people offered to pick up the blanket for me! Mortified, I fended them off. After the church was empty, I was able to clean up the mess.

P.S. She threw up on the way home, too.

By Veronica,   From Jefferson
I was at the grocery store. This little boy who was about three or four turned at looked at this black lady behind him and told his mother loudly Momma she' really black.!

By Karen,   From Adams
Since she is still just a little one, the most embarrasing thing would be diaper leakage. Not just talking a little leak, I'm talking full blow-out in an area where there were lots of people.

By Beverly,   From Hyde Park
We were at a shopping mall and I was getting a haircut and my husband was watching our little daughter. They had come back from shopping to see if I was all done and I wasn't, so my daughter started hollering and crying for her mommy (me) and the girl that was doing my hair, said to me, that child has the loudest voice and I didn't want to tell her it was my child, that was hollering so loud. LOL.

By Tricia,   From Raleigh
My daughter is five and always asking questions and try to answer her honestly, in child appropriate ways. One day we were at a clothing store and she saw a woman walk out of the dressing stall and look in the three view mirror at how the pants fit her from every angle. My daughter said (loudly!) is she checking to see if she peed or pooped herself? I wanted to crawl into a clothing rack.

By Julie,   From Saint Johns
We were at WDW and my son didn't want to stop to eat at the Tomorrowland restaurant. While we were trying to seat him with his lunch he looked out the window and saw the Grand Prix car ride. He started yelling at the top of his lungs, "I want the grand pricks" over and over again.

By Patty,   From Rochester NH
Thank you so much for having this contest. I really appreciate it.

By Heidi,   From Winamac
We were in walmart and it is really quiet and my son shouts " something smells, mom, did you fart"

By Sonya,   From San Jose
My kids have always done their best to embarass me when we're in public. Once when we were leaving the restroom my son was telling everyone that Mommy went poop!

By Donna,   From berea
When my son was 18 months old there was some young girls at the pool he decided to show off he took his pants off and walked in front of them and then jumped in the pool

By Gabriel,   From Winfield
This would be great for my son!

By Betty,   From Budd lake
travelling alone with baby in the centerseat of crowded plane ... and then there was diahria

By Denise,   From Santaquin
The most embarrassing moment was when my oldest daughter was an infant and her diaper leaked a bountiful load as I stood in line with her in my arms at a sandwich shop.

By Susan,   From Olathe
At my daughters birthday party when she opened up a present and said " I didn't want that"

By Debbie,   From Carthage
My daughter acting up in a movie. She threw a fit and threw her pacifier away - then I never gave it to her again!

By Carol,   From WASHINGTON
I took my grandaughter grocery shopping and she was standing too close to the trunk. When I closed it I clunked her in the head. It bled a little and she forgave me but I don't know if her mother has.

By Gianna,   From Cambridge
My daughter telling my mom she had really hairy feet when we all went shoe shopping together LOL

By Catrina,   From Memphis
For my birthday 2 of my daughters took me to lunch along with my 2 yr old grandaughter. She was pretty rambuncious but finally settled down. The restaurant was crowded but fairly quiet. All of sudden my grandaughter let out a blood curdling scream. Everyone in the restaurant started laughing...

By christopher,   From elk grove
5 year old with diarrhea on a plane trip to europe

By gloria,   From sebewaing
Most embarrassing moment I can think of is when my twin sons were little and in the play area at McDonalds. All of a sudden I saw one of my little guys go pee in the play area and before I knew it the other one was. Needless to say, we left that place real quick.

By Chrysa,   From Cambridge
I have only heard about it second hand, but my mom had a really embarassing moment in front of all my extended family when I was 4 and yelled the word sh*t when my cousin messed up the game we were playing. Needless to say, she removed that word from her vocabulary for a few years.

By Sheila,   From Kansas City
Last week when my son was really cranky in a resturaunt, I tried to give him some chocolate milk out of my straw and he grabbed it and flung it. The man behind us ended up with it all over his face. Agh!

By Ed,   From Skokie
The little one introduced me to one of his new friends while I was in the bathroom, sitting. He opened the door and said, "That's my Dad!"

By Denise,   From Evans
My four year old son throwing a tantrum in the church lobby and then running off on me so I had to chase him down.

By Svea,   From Union
I took a shuttle bus to a movie set of Kindergarten Cop with my newborn daughter. I had left the diaper bag in the car as we hadn't planned on being gone long. All the way on the bus she expelled gasous noises that echoed in her diaper as I smiled at the strangers around me. I was just sure she was filling her with a lovely mess so I wrapped her in my jacket. When we got to the set, I searched around for another mother and embarassedly borrowed a diaper. As I took off the old diaper, it was empty! It turns out that it was only air.

By Leslie,   From Mc Alpin
My most embarrising moment happened when my oldest daughter was 3(now 11).She saw a woman open a bag of cookies in the grocery and start to eat them.My daughter stating screaming to call the police that the lady was stealing.The poor woman(as well as about 5 other people) just stared at us.I had to explain that just the week before my daughter and I had to have a talk because she was try to rip open the groceries in the cart and eat them.I had told her that they were not ours until we paid fo them.The lady understood and told my daughter she was ight and that it would not happen again.I hurried up and got through with that trip.Thanks!

By Edward,   From Glassport
I remember this one.. I would like to win for my granddaughter

By Denyse,   From Sayreville
I was embarrassed when I was in a fitting room and my daughter said the jeans I was tring on didn't fit because I had a fat butt.

By Kristi,   From Rome
At a party, the hostess, who had a magazine ready house, had petrified dog poop behind her sofa. My son, about 3, found it and was throwing it at her guests.

By Michelle,   From Graham
This would be so much fun to give to my necies. It reminds me of my childhood!

By Jay,   From Chicago
My daughter was 3 or so. We were shopping on a cold day before Christmas at a Toys R Us. Right in front by the registers she threw up all over me and my shoes and the floor - a lot. I went and got one of the kids working there, and they kept looking up at the ceiling. I guess they were trying to figure out if it was a bird or something. Never wore those shoes again.

By Jaque,   From Phoenix
My most embarassing parental moment was when I was shopping with my 3 year old son in the cart. I was comparing ingredients when my son announced, loud and clear, "Look mommy chocolate people!" I was preoccupied and murmered "uh huh". then it dawned on me what he had said...I looked up and saw a lovely, smiling, couple of color standing there. I was speachless.

By LisaM,   From Nacogdoches
My 3 yr old asked me if a lady was pregnant right in front of her and she was just overweight.

By Michael,   From Victorville
My grandkids would love this movie-so would I! What more can be said!

By katelyn,   From hockessin
In my school's marching band, a kid pooped his pants on the bus on the way to a football game, and my best friend stepped in it.

By beth,   From Xenia
The most embarassing moment for me was when my daughter was a baby and I was carrying her around just happy as could be. She was wearing this adorable dress and this nice woman stopped me to tell me how cute she was etc Then also told me that she had poo all up her back! Uggh. She had messed in her diaper and it was all over her back. What a mess.

By James,   From Anaheim
I saw a parent drag off the wrong kid for just a second when two were crying together.

By Nancy,   From Priest River
Great movie! My grand kids would love it. Thanks for the contest

By Ken,   From Keyport NJ
I remember this movie was a pleasant follow up to Mary Poppins and was a delightful blend of songs, comedy and animation. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

By Sheila,   From Tinley Park
My most embarassing moment was in church while standing singing, my slip fell down around my ankles.

By Sheila,   From Tinley Park
I would like to win this DVD!

By Joan,   From Lakeside
My youngest daughter ( Then 3) walked up to a mom who was breast feeding, pulled aside her coverup and asked why she was doing that to her baby.

By Rosey,   From Jackson
Leaky, smelly diaper on our infant, on a flight to Europe. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

By Linda,   From Bartonville
My grandson received a Christmas present(a DVD) from a friend and when he opened he said"I don't like this "

By Ashley,   From Hickory
I'm sure my moms most embarressing moment with me as a child (around 4) was when i saw her drinking a root beer before church one sunday and i preceded to stand up on a pew and announce to the congregation that my mom drank beer. she will never let me forget that

By JenniferR,   From Houston
Just the other day I went to the grocery store and saw this poor man having problems with his possibly four year old. The little guy was having a crazy tantrum. He ended up knocking over tons of pickle jars which of course broke. The guy looked beyond embarrassed.

By Laura,   From Villas
When my son was born my daughter was 2 and was still having trouble getting her c's and s's right. At my son's chistening, his sock fell off and in the middle of the church, my daughter cries out. "Oh no mommy! The baby's cock fell off!" Everyone turned to stare at us. It was definitely embarressing.

By MaryBeth,   From Raleigh
When my daughter pulled up my skirt in public

By Monique,   From Puyallup
When my daughter knocked an entire display of Cadbury Eggs over all over the store.

By Denyse,   From Sayreville
My daughter said I had a fat as* when I was trying on clothes and I heard another lady laugh.

By Donna,   From sharpsville
i remember this when i was a kid...about 35 + yrs. ago!

By Angela,   From Lakeport
When we young parents our toddler asked us in the loudest voice in the store (after he was scolded), "Daddy, are you going to spank my butt?"

By Deborah,   From Andover
My most embarassing parent moment was at the hands of my them 3 year old son (who is now 33). We were at McDonalds having lunch, when a rather large woman walked in-my child said at the top of his lungs:" Mommy, look at that lady-boy is she ever FAT! " I noticed from the other comments that this seems to be a problem among 3 year olds!

By Erica,   From Baltimore
It's always bad when a kid throws up in public!

By Amber,   From Naperville
The most embarrassing parent moment I have seen was when a dad slammed the car door on his son's fingers! They had to go to the emergency room!

By Carol,   From Chelsea
As a toddler, my daughter felt that the water in the wading pool=bath=no clothes. Every time I turned around she was undressed, and at my mother's the pool was in the front of the house!

By Tammy,   From Cocoa
My 3 year old grandson commenting loudly about a rather heavy lady coming into his preschool at the same time as us "Look grandma, she ate all her dinner."

By Stephanie,   From Westlake Village
Seriously had one last night. Shopping at TJ Maxx and my 2 yr. old son decided to take his clothes off and run around laughing with a diaper on (whew!). Watching my husband chase him around was hysterical.
tvollowitz at aol dot com

By Jennifer,   From Kennesaw
Most embarassing for me was after dinner in a restaurant I took my daughter to the restroom as my husband took our other daughter to the car. We came out of the bathroom and my daughter yelled at the top of her lungs "DADDY I POOPIED" about five times before I got her out the door. Icing on the cake she didn't and she wasn't potty trained so it wouldn't have been a great feat regardless.

By sandy,   From USA
Most embarrassing moment is when I was too far away from home on a day trip, and since it was a holiday and podunk town I was at there were no shops open, so baby poop was on my pants from a leaking diaper. Sure restaurants were open and we were meeting friends, just wish back then I thought to pack extras for me.

By Andrew,   From reminderville
My son was 3 at the time and had been obsessed with seeing the new Fat Albert movie. We were in line at the grocery store and a rather large african american woman was in front of us. I knew it was coming before he even said it...but he did, "Hey, Hey,Hey!" right to the lady.

By Dawna,   From Denver
This is one of my favorite movies as a child and I would love my children to experience the magice too.

By Carol,   From Wayne
I would say it's when my 1-year-old baby projectile vomited on me on a Jetblue flight to Orlando. I had a winter coat with me because we left NJ on a cold snowy January day. I had to wear that coat through the airport til I got to the rest room to change. The baby and I were both covered in it. YUCK

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