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X-rated Movies that Might Get Your Wife in the Mood – Part Two

Looking for good porn to watch with your wife? The good news is
that women are buying more porn than ever and the industry is responding by making quality films women want to see. Below are a few movie suggestions to get you started on your quest for the perfect porn (To read the first article of this series, click X-Rated Movies that Might Get Your Wife in the Mood – Part One):

  • The Craving– These sure aren’t the fairy tales you grew up with but we think
    you’ll like these even more! Acclaimed director Brad Armstrong brings your fantasies to life as you follow the adventures of Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and more as they steam
    up your screen with hot oral scenes, threesomes, and some sizzling chemistry, oh my! The big-budget production makes The Craving another Wicked classic as gorgeous costumes, amazing film production, and a deliciously delightful plot makes us excited to proclaim that something Wicked this way comes.
  • Curvaceous– This is the first release of Vivid’s highly anticipated Plus line featuring “100% big girls.”  The focus here is clearly on beautiful curvy women that are thicker than most mainstream porn starlets, but probably wouldn’t be considered very big in the real world. These
    women love their bodies and you will too as you get to see them lathering up in the shower, masturbating, getting it on, and showing off their womanly frames. We loved the focus on female pleasure and that these women are celebrating their beautiful bodies.
  • Afrodite Superstar
    This plot-driven feature follows an up and coming rapper, played by Simone Valentino, as she strives for Superstardom while searching for love in the process. Great chemistry, a diverse cast, and steamy sex scenes make this first feature from the Femme Chocolat line a real stand out. We especially loved Simone Valentino’s hot masturbation scene. Erotic but with a lighter sensual tone, this film is great for newcomers to porn or those looking for films directed by and starring people of color.
  • Always On Fire– This passionate porn is great for couples, newcomers to porn, and folks who love lustful sex. Each scene is one on one, male/female but features lots of different exciting positions including some examples of safer sex. This well-shot feature understands the
    importance of eroticism and sensuality without losing any of the heat!
  • All About Anna– This
    sex-positive and women-focused art house film explores real-life love and sex in a refreshingly natural manner without losing any of its erotic energy. This is a great title for folks who are new to porn and want to see a film that focuses on romance and relationships with lots of kissing and great production values. The plot centers around the lovely Anna and her relationships with all scenes shot in Copenhagen and Paris. This sexy romp also won several Scandinavian Porn awards including Best Couples Film, Best Actor (Thomas Raft), and Best Selling Scandinavian Star of 2006 (Gry Bay).

X-rated Movies that Might Get Your Wife in the Mood – Part One

Adult films are a fabulous way to re-spark a little romance (and maybe even pick up a few techniques) when planning a special evening with your sweetie. But what film do you choose? When trying to select an adult movie to enjoy with your wife, there are a few important factors to keep in mind.

What Women Want

The first is that you’re looking for a movie you’ll both enjoy and the best way to find out what your wife likes is by asking her. Now this can be easier said than done and it is entirely possible that she hasn’t seen enough adult movies to know what she likes or is even aware of the many different kinds of films to choose from.

You also might be shocked to learn that there are certain elements she would or would not like to see in an adult film and asking her is really the best way to find out. Or even better, go to a website together, read the descriptions and tell each other what films you’d be interested in checking out. Perhaps she would prefer watching a movie with women who are of a larger size (as opposed to ultra-thin) and have natural breasts, or maybe that would be a big turn-off, and it’s far better to find that out before you pop in a DVD than learn the hard way.

While porn featuring stick-thin blondes with giant fake breasts are still mainly considered the norm, the adult industry has seen several major shifts over the last few years and the amazing variety of adult films available including independently produced features, big-budget Hollywood style films (with actual plots), women-directed films and features focused on every niche, fetish, and body preference in existence (and even some anime featuring the impossible) is out there. But with so many movies in so many different categories popping up every week it’s hard to know where to begin. I’ll reiterate that the best way to pick a film is to have an idea of what turns your wife on, what she likes and dislikes (Sensual vs. Hardcore, Cute Outfits, Plot, Body Types, etc) and narrow it down from there.

Choose a Film

The second important factor in picking out a film is to choose a general category to begin your search. At Good Vibrations all the films we carry are screened by our staff for quality, sex-positivity, and of course how hot they are, but most porn sellers also rely at least some basic categorization to help customers find the right film.

Speaking in very general terms, women tend to prefer porn with plots, a storyline that strings together the sex scenes and relies on even loosely established characters. Thankfully most porn producers have come a long way since a pizza delivery guy first showed up at a lonely housewife’s door and now it’s easy to find big-budget adult films that feature great cinematography, real sets, and high production values without compromising the intensity of the sex scenes. Since it takes a lot of money to produce a big-budget feature, most of the good ones are made by major porn studios and will feature performers more along the lines of the blonde, fake breasted variety.

Women have also started getting behind the camera and directing/producing hot and fantastic porn from a female perspective– and if you’re worried that it’s all satin sheets, candles and rose petals, you’d be very mistaken. There are also a bevy of hot films that focus on specific tastes and desires without fetishizing them. For instance there’s a big difference between a porn that features exclusively Asian women and a porn called “Me Love You Long Time”. It has to do with treating the performers like sexy women and not mindless sex objects, but that’s a different article. Both independent studios and the big-budget guys are responding to this shift in perception and are offering lots of hot films featuring people of color and different body sizes in respectful ways that focus on how sexy they are without being demeaning (which has been a big argument against porn historically).

– Allison Goodstein (GoodVibes.com)

Read about some great critically acclaimed porn movies that you will enjoy watching with your wife.

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