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Learn How to Choose Baby Safety Products You Really Need

The baby safety market is flooded with products. It can be difficult to decide which ones are really necessary and which ones aren’t. Although you can never be too careful – there are some that are more useful and important than others. The first thing to do is look around your home and try to decide where the highest levels of dangers exist.


The first thing you will need for your baby is a safe, JPMA certified and preferably new infant car seat. Rear facing, it should be equipped with a 5 point harness. If you need help installing it properly or just want it checked for effectiveness – take it to your nearest Patrol site and have one of them look. It should not move forward, backwards or side to side more than ½ inch. If it does, it is installed improperly or is not a good fit for your vehicle.


Your next concern will be the crib. Remember infants and babies should be put to sleep on their backs. Baby monitors are perfect baby safety devices to use in the early days. They will alert you to every move your baby makes and give you piece of mind. There are even some advanced types that can monitor breathing. Make sure that everything you purchase for your infant or baby is baby safe, meaning there are no detachable parts or strings that can turn into choking hazards.


Baby Safety Products that Pack some Real Safety


Once the basic safety products are purchased and out of the way, you can begin to by baby safety products to help you are around the home. Baby safety gates are mother’s best friend. They can help you to quarantine a rolling or crawling baby (acting as a playpen) and can block off doors or entrances to rooms that just are not baby proofed yet. If you have stairs you will definitely want one at the top and bottom of the stair case. Just make sure the one at the top is installed!  Another great function of gates is the portable kind are easy to take along for trips or visits with relatives.


The whole house should be equipped with outlet covers. Sliding covers are your best protection. A wise baby safety product to use al around the home is cabinet door locks and drawer locks. This will keep curious babies out of them. Just for safety though, put chemicals up and out of sight and reach in case your baby figures out the locks.


The Most Important Baby Safety Products for the Kitchen, Bathroom & Nursery


These three rooms are the most dangerous. In the bathroom, make sure you have door locks installed and purchase a toilet seat lock. Non-slip adhesives, an anti-scald device and switch plate covers that work off a breaker are very important baby safety products. If you use a baby safety ring in the tub – make sure to always provide supervision. The plastic foam or air filled faucet protectors will work wonders in protecting your child’s head while in the tub or shower.


In the kitchen, you should also use locks on all drawers and cabinets. Beyond that – the stove needs to be safe. Purchasing a safety stove bracket will keep it from tipping and using knob protectors and a splash guard will prevent your baby from accidentally turning on the heat. There are even locks made especially for the refrigerator. Keep sharp object and breakables off the edges of tables and countertops and try to avoid using placemat or tablecloths for a few years.


In your nursery and all around your home – make sure that there are no low lying windows that can be accidentally accessed by a climbing baby. Install window locks just to be sure. 

Sometimes getting the right child safety advice at the right time can save your child from serious injury.
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