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18 body sign questions to see if you’re a baby expert

Paul Banas
Author Paul Banas
Submitted 11-06-2010

Baby Body Signs Quiz

1. All U.S. babies at birth get an Apgar test. What does Apgar stand for?

A. The name of the doctor — Virginia Apgar — who developed it.
B. The American Pediatric Gross Assessment Record.
C. Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, Respiration
D. All of the above

2. How much more accurate is a newborn’s sense of smell than sense of taste?

A. 100 times
B. 1,000 times
C. 10,000 times
D. 100,000 times

3. A Russian company is making money by turning babies’ hair into:

A. Necklaces
B. Diamonds
C. Paper
D. Vodka

4. Which of the following is a common sign of jaundice in an infant:

A. Yellow eyes
B. Yellow nails
C. Yellow poop
D. All the above

5. Baby girls snore more than baby boys.

A. True
B. False

6. If a baby’s eyes tear up while drinking from a bottle or breast, it can be a sign of:

A. Sour milk
B. Readiness to be weaned
C. Cry-baby syndrome

D. Crocodile tear syndrome

7. It was once thought that cutting a baby’s umbilical cord too short would lead to:

A. An extreme case of separation anxiety
B. An inability to contemplate one’s navel
C. A short penis
D. A long life

8. An infant who develops teeth during the first few weeks may,

A. Have an over-active thyroid
B. Go through early puberty
C. Have difficulty nursing or bottle-feeding
D. All of the above

9. Babies should occasionally have their picture taken without the “red-eye reduction” camera feature because:

A. They’ll be less likely to become camera shy
B. It’s easier on babies’ eyes
C. It can reveal a serious eye problem
D. It extends the camera’s battery life

10. A very smooth tongue in a baby is often a sign that the baby:

A. Is teething
B. Has a vitamin deficiency
C. Is ready for solid foods
D. Will grow up to be a smooth talker

11. King Louis XIII of France had his first bath when he was:

A. 7 days old
B. 7 weeks old
C. 7 months old
D. 7 years old

12. Hair products that contain estrogen should not be used on a baby because they can cause:

A. Acne
B. Premature puberty
C. Hair to fall out
D. All the above

13. All babies are born bowlegged:

A. True
B. False

14. If your baby girl has Epstein’s pearls,

A. It’s a sign she’ll marry a rich man
B. It’s a sign she has infected earlobes
C. She has white bumps on the roof of her mouth
D. She should give them back to Mrs. Epstein

15. Babies with freckles:

A. Are usually born with them
B. Usually have red hair
C. Have been exposed to too much sun
D. All of the above

16. In a test of more than 200 noise-producing toys, how many had an unacceptable noise level and could increase the risk of hearing damage?

A. None of them
B. A few of them
C. Nearly all of them
D. All of them

17. Which of the following was a common American folk remedy for earaches?

A. Put cockroach juice in the ear
B. Use eardrops made from goose manure
C. Rub the ear with rabbit urine
D. All of the above

18. According to a recent study, men in the U.K. change their babies’ diapers:

A. Faster than women
B. Slower than women
C. About the same speed

D. They don’t change their babies diapers

1. D.
All of the above
2. C. 10,000 times
3. B. Diamonds
4. A. Yellow eyes
5. B. False
6. D.
Crocodile tear syndrome
7. C. A short penis
8. D. All of the above
9. C. It can reveal a serious eye problem
10. B. Has a vitamin deficiency
11. D. 7 years old
12. B. Premature puberty
13. A. True
14. C. She has white bumps on the roof of her mouth
15. C. Have been exposed to too much sun
16. C. Nearly all of them
17. D. All of the above
18. A. Faster than women

Quiz By Joan Liebmann-Smith, Ph.D., and Jacqueline Nardi Egan,
Authors of Baby Body Signs
which contains a myriad of medical information that can help parents and other caregivers prevent and detect various disorders in their babies. It’s also chock full of fascinating historical and other tidbits about babies and their health. The answers to the following questions can all be found in the pages of Baby Body Signs, as well as in medical textbooks, journals, and history books.