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Discolored mucus doesn’t necessarily need antibiotics

P { margin: 0px; } In the first few days of a cold, the mucus coming out of your child’s nose will usually be clear. By the 3rd or 4th day, it’s common for this mucus to turn yellow or green. Parents may misinterpret this to mean that the child has a bacterial infection. The reason your child’s nasal mucus turns color is because her body’s ...read more

Be careful to avoid nursemaid’s elbow

Most dads enjoy being physical with their kids. Whether it’s rolling around on the floor or being swung through in the air, kids respond to physical play. However, young children are more susceptible to dislocating their elbows than older kids. The injury typically occurs when an adult is holding a child’s hand as they walk. If the child stum ...read more

Keep the Poison Control Number at Your Fingertips

Up until a few years ago, poison control numbers were regional and people had to call 411 if they needed help when they were away from home. Because this made the system inefficient, the poison control network now has a national number: 1-800-222-1222. This means that regardless of where you are in the country, if you call this number, you will aut ...read more

Beware Of Older Siblings When You Start Solid Foods With Your Baby

Older brothers and sisters learn quickly that babies only drink breast milk or formula. Once you start feeding your baby jarred foods at six months of age, an older sibling may think it is okay to share his food with the baby. Therefore, make sure to tell your older child that even though the baby is now eating from a spoon, he is still too little ...read more

Reuse Pull-Ups and Be Environmentally Conscious

Lots of kids continue to wet the bed at night even though they are successfully using the potty during the day. (Even at six years of age, 12% of kids wet the bed.) Most parents use Pull-Ups during this period of nighttime wetness to make the morning routine easier for everyone. However, most kids become dry gradually and many of them will still be ...read more

What to Do If Your Child Misses a Birthday Party Because He Is Sick

Inevitably, most children will miss a friend’s birthday party because they got sick or came down with a contagious illness. It can be very difficult to explain to a young child why she can’t go to someone’s party. Instead of worrying about making other kids sick, your child will focus on what she is missing (this self-centered behavior is com ...read more

Prescription Creams Have Instructions on the Box, Not the Tube

If you take your child to the doctor because of a rash or skin condition, the doctor will often prescribe a cream or ointment. The instructions will state how often and how long you should apply the medication. Because we are a “throw-away” society, most parents toss the box when they get home and put the tube in a convenient location. If you d ...read more

Band-Aids Can Be Choking Hazards

In most pediatric offices, children get blood counts and lead tests at nine months and two years of age. After the finger poke is done, a lab tech puts a bandage on the child’s finger to stop the bleeding. Young children don’t like finger pokes. Consequently, they often try to pull the bandage off shortly after it’s been applied. What’s wor ...read more

A Modified Sitz Bath Helps with Mild Vaginal Irritation

A common symptom in preteen girls is pain with urination. Although it is important to consider a urinary tract infection (UTI) in this situation, the following conditions cause painful urination because they irritate the tissues around a child’s urinary opening. These conditions are also more common than UTIs. Poor hygiene (or wiping ...read more

Have You Ever Heard Of Testicular Torsion?

Most parents know that certain symptoms can be associated with serious conditions in their children. The most common ones are as follows:Stiff neck may mean meningitisAbdominal pain may mean appendicitisBad cough may mean pneumonia Testicular torsion is an uncommon condition that most parents have never heard of; however, as with the prob ...read more

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