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Best Parenting Advice – Part I

Paul Banas
Author Paul Banas
Submitted 16-05-2008

Here is a compilation of all the great parenting advice that we received from readers over the years.

Parenting Advice #1: Lock your bedroom door.

Some people put a cowbell on their kids’ door. Just don’t count on hearing a knock before you hear the worst words, “daddy, what are you doing to mommy.” A lock is very cheap insurance.

Parenting Advice #2: Take thousands and thousands of photos.

With digital that’s easy to do. The trick is to edit them so that your computer isn’t storing thousands and thousands of pictures. Garry Winogrand, the great 20th century black and white photographer died with 2500 rolls of undeveloped film. He shot and shot and his skill was in finding the diamonds in the rough. With kids, this is doubly important since they rarely sit still for perfect images. The more you shoot, the better chance you’ll capture the real them.

Leave a loaded camera on the kitchen counter and be ready for every photo opportunity. The worst camera to have is the one you don’t have with you when the perfect shot happens. Rather than buying a super-duper camera, the best dad photographers have a fairly cheap point and shoot camera that’s small enough to keep in a pocket and always at the ready.

Parenting Advice #3: Learn how to juggle.

Juggling amazes small and even big children. It’s something you can teach them later and it’s a basic dad skill.

Parenting Advice #4: Kiss your wife goodbye and hello in front of the kids.

No can overestimate the value of showing the kids every day that they live in a loving and secure home. Do this especially if you’re mad or having a fight. It might just have some side benefits to your marriage as well.

Parenting Advice #5: Avoid passing bad habits on to your kids.

If you swear or smoke, think about how your kids are likely to imitate you. It’s a big responsibility.

Want more great parenting advice? Read Best Parenting Advice – Part II.