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Zipper won’t stay up? Here’s a hack to keep the cows at home

Paul Banas
Author Paul Banas
Submitted 25-03-2015
set of keys

I love the cut and styling of my Lee jeans. While I always said I’d never wear elastic in my waistband, their Modern Series has just the right amount of stretch for a good fit. And the orange threading is just enough styling for my anti-brand consciousness.

However, their zippers suck. I have 2 pair and both zippers are constantly falling down. There’s not reason for this. The zipper was invented in 1917, and from what I can tell the locking zipper that locks when the pull tab is down, is as recent as the late 1940’s. Maybe Lee didn’t pop for the added locking feature, but it’s not even worth pulling my zipper up since it’s down again within five minutes. And don’t suggest I should get a larger size. That is not the issue in this particular case, though losing a few pounds would never hurt.

What’s worse than a down zipper is that I’ve picked up that embarrassing tic of looking down at my crotch when I go into a coffee shop or a parent-teacher meeting just to make sure I haven’t left the barn door open. Sadly, I have this same issue with a pair of Levis so it must be a cost-cutting thing that’s going around.

That’s where this hack a woman friend told me comes in handy. If you have jeans with a failing zipper, try this to keep your zipper securely in “up” position.

1. Get one of those cheap little key rings you get when you valet your car.

Set of keys

2. Put one end in the zipper pull.


3. Now when you zip up your pants and before you button the top, put the ring around the button.

IMG_5412 4. Button the top button of your jeans as usual, covering the ring.

5. Voila! All is safe and secure.

The only inconvenient thing about this is that you have to undo your jeans button each time you use your zipper. But it’s still better than throwing away a pair (or 2) of good jeans.