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8 reasons for cloth diapering

Paul Banas
Author Paul Banas
Submitted 28-07-2010

Usually, I don’t like to copy/paste reasons for doing anything from a manufacturer. However, these reasons just seem so obvious that they merit posting. More and more parents are turning to cloth diapers for the benefits they provide to their baby and their baby’s environment. Full disclosure, we did NOT cloth-diaper our babies. We bought into the corporate side of the argument and the now-discredited study that showed no environmental difference between cloth diapering and disposable diapers. That might have been a “possible” argument before the advent of new systems that use very thin disposable liners to keep the poop off clothes and the reusable underpants. It’s almost worth having another baby just so I could do it all over again the right way, rather than living with the guilt that keeps me up all night about all that landfill (kidding).

1. Better for the environment

Over 27 billion disposable diapers go to landfills every year in the United States. They take hundreds of years to decompose, releasing methane gases.

2. Going green

Latest environmental reports confirm that using cloth diapers is 40 percent better for the environment than disposable diapers.

3. Save money

Taking everything into account, you will save hundreds of dollars per child by switching from disposables to cloth diapers.

4. Potty train earlier

Disposables are so absorbent that toddlers do not feel the sensation of being wet. Cloth diapered children often potty train six months earlier than those in disposable diapers.

5. Better for bottoms

Many parents believe there is a link between diaper rash and the chemicals used in disposables. Cloth diapers are breathable, allowing air to circulate to the skin, helping to maintain a healthy temperature.

6. It’s convenient now

Cloth diapers do take a commitment and an initial investment, but this aside they are just as convenient to use as disposable diapers. No soaking necessary.

7. They deliver

If hesitant about cloth diapering, consider using a diaper service in the beginning. Used cloth diapers are collected from your doorstep weekly and clean ones are delivered in their place.

8. They are comfortable

Today’s cloth diapers have evolved from “grandma’s” bulky terry diapers and sweaty plastic pants. Modern cloth diapers are made from soft natural materials and covers are available in stylish prints. Pins have been replaced by Velcro® style hook and loop closures.

This list was sent to me by Bambino Mio, which we have recently reviewed on the GreatDad.com blog.