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Review: Bambino Mio Cloth Diapers

Dr. Craig Bissinger
Author Dr. Craig Bissinger
Submitted 14-08-2010

We’ve always used disposable diapers, but for our youngest, we had heard good things about the Bambino Mio cloth diapers and decided to give it a try.

Bambino Mio Cloth Diapering System

This is my kind of cloth diaper. They were easy to use – just a cloth diaper to fold (there is a boy/girl fold) and insert into a cover, along with a disposable liner. The cover is very easy to close with simple and secure velcro closures, fitting snugly to the baby. From the minimal research I’ve done on reusable diapers, the Bambino Mio system is the most complete cloth diapering system out there – from the cover, cloth diaper, liner, laundry bin to the detergent. Here is my list of pros and cons.


– One-stop-shop for cloth diapering needs. Bambino Mio offers diaper and cover sets, including a birth-to-potty set, which enables you to purchase all of your cloth diapering needs in one fell swoop. Bambino Mio also offers a laundry bin, laundry bag, wet bag, detergent and antibacterial sanitizer.

– Not as gross as I initially thought. You dispose the liner, so you’re washing a wet diaper, but not any solid waste.

– Reusable diapers are better for our environment than disposables and you aren’t sending the diaper and waste into a landfill. With the Miofresh cleaner, you can even cold machine wash the diapers, and then line dry, if you’re so inclined.   – You can work with a diaper service if you don’t want to invest in the nappies or wash them yourself, although we have our own nappies.

– Disposable & flushable liners are very convenient.

– Snug fit, easy to assemble and put on.

– Seems to absorb well and the liners seem to wick away moisture from baby’s skin.  Doesn’t absorb as well as disposable diapers but the diaper does not contain chemicals to wick the moisture away and the baby’s skin is better protected as we tend to change his diaper more quickly after being soiled.

– Over time, I think we’ll save a ton of $ with the Bambino Mio diaper system over disposables, and this includes costs associated with laundering. Using a baby cost calculator, the cost for disposable diapers is roughly $72/month, cloth diapers I wash myself is $19/month.

– Very natural way to diaper the baby. Our baby is not exposed to unnecessary chemicals in disposable diapers.


– There are many steps in the diaper changing process. Removing the soiled diaper and liner out of the cover, getting the liner into the toilet, the diaper to the laundry bin, wiping down the diaper cover, then re-diapering the baby…

– The velcro fastenings are easy to use but easily snag on clothing and blankets
– Our diaper covers were soiled immediately following our son’s poop at least once a day, forcing us to do the wash a bit more frequently than was recommended.
– For a cloth diapering rookie, there is some getting used to in cloth diapering a baby.

All in all, the cloth diapering system by Bambino Mio is not that much more complicated than disposable diapers and the benefits to the environment, our baby’s lack of exposure to diaper chemicals and savings to our pocket-book far outweigh any hassle.

GreatDad.com Review Policy: Some of the featured products for this review were provided to us, at no cost, by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. We do not accept monetary compensation for reviewing or writing about products. We only review products that we have personally tested and used in our own homes, and all opinions expressed are our own.