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Gifts for Kids (10 - 12 years)

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Legends of Magic DVD Set
Product Features:
  • Fantasma Toys
  • Set includes over 250 amazing tricks
  • Includes magic table and 60-min. DVD
  • For ages 7 years and up
  • 4-1/2Hx14-3/4Wx20L



Pass the Pigs

Product Description:

For 2 or more players. Go hog wild with the pig-tastic game, Pass the Pigs. Players attempt to rack up points by rolling the pig dice - but if they're not careful they might 'Pig Out' and lose all their points. Pass the Pigs is the sizzlin' fun, shakin' bacon game!



Game of Life - Pirates of the Caribbean

Product Description:

Choose a captain to guide your pirate ship through the high seas. Visit ports, fight off cannibals and collect loot while avoiding Davey Jones and his Kraken. Be the player with the most treasure at the end and you win!
No batteries required. For 2 to 4 players.

Deluxe Pit

Product Description:
A favorite since 1904, it's the corner the market card game! Shout your deal and trade your cards to "corner" the market. Be the first to get all the cards of 1 commodity, ring the bell, and you'll win the hand. You'll feel like a trader in the "pits" of the exchange! Beware of the Bear and take your chances with the Bull. Deluxe Pit includes 74 casino-quality cards, illustrated rules and silver-colored bell. For 3-8 players. Colors and parts may vary.


DragonFly RC Helicopter Ready to Fly

Product Description:

Electric remote control mini-helicopter is composed of two major mechanical structures (the airframe, drive motor, linkage, main rotary wing, etc.) Like modern helicopter, it can ascend, hover, yaw to the left and right, go forward. The DragonFly radio control helicopter is pre-assembled and 100% ready to fly. Simply just charge the battery for 30~45min to start flying.

Legends of Magic

Back to Basics: Legends of Magic

Product Description:

The best ever created Legends of Magic Set, according to The International Brotherhood of Magicians. Comes with quality props to perform more than 200 illusions, including a working illusion table, Chinese sticks, metal linking rings, detailed instruction booklet, bibliography of the Legends of Magic, and an instructional DVD with rare footage of the masters. Box size 14.75"l x 19.75"w x 4.5"h, Weight 7.75 lbs.



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