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Pregnancy Dos and Don'ts - The Don'ts

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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When a woman is expecting a child, she will be surrounded by lots of pregnancy advice and be confused by which pregnancy advice she should follow. Help your spouse steer clear of these pregnancy no-nos to help keep her and the baby safe and healthy:

  • Avoid fish with lots of mercury in her diet. Get correct information from your dietician on what fish to eat and what fish to avoid when she is pregnant.
  • Don't disregard food borne illness. Eat, cook, handle and clean food safely! According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, food borne illness can cause serious health problems - or even death for both mother and baby.
  • Protect her from using chemicals. Products including herbicides, pesticides, paint, stains, and some cleaning solutions may be harmful to your baby. If she must use these things, make sure she wears gloves, a mask, and keeps the room well-ventilated.
  • Don't let her clean or change a cat's litter box. This could put her at risk for an infection called toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite that cats can carry in their feces. Toxoplasmosis can harm a fetus.
  • Don't let her take very hot baths, hot tubs, or saunas. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, high temperatures can be harmful to the fetus, or causing the mother-to-be to faint.
  • Discourage her from using scented feminine hygiene products. Pregnant women should avoid scented sprays, sanitary napkins, and bubble bath. These products might irritate your spouse’s vaginal area, and increase her risk of a urinary tract infection or yeast infection.
  • Don't let her douche. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, douching can irritate the vagina, force air into the birth canal and increase the increase the risk of infection
  • Avoid optional x-rays. X-rays are a form of radiation that is linked to a very small risk of cancer for an unborn baby. But x-rays are usually safe during pregnancy. So if your doctor says your spouse needs x-rays for a health problem you should follow her advice. But sometimes doctors can use other tests in place of x-rays. And other times, x-rays can wait until after the baby is born.
  • Don't let her smoke tobacco. Tell your doctor if your spouse smokes. Quitting is hard, but she can do it. Ask your doctor for help. Smoking during pregnancy passes nicotine and cancer-causing drugs to your baby. Smoke also keeps your baby from getting needed nourishment and raises the risk of stillbirth and premature birth (a small baby born too early).
  • Discourage her from drinking alcohol. Your spouse should stop drinking alcohol if she drinks it regularly. Experts are still unsure of the exact amount of alcohol needed to cause problems in your baby. But, both drinking every day and drinking a lot of alcohol once in a while during pregnancy can harm the baby.
  • Don't let her use illegal drugs. Tell your doctor if your spouse is using drugs. Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, speed (amphetamines), barbiturates, and LSD are very dangerous for your spouse and the baby.

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By Cordelia,   From YouÂ’re on top of the game. Thanks for srahnig.
YouÂ’re on top of the game. Thanks for srahnig.

By scott,   From sydney
this is crap.. "dont let her", "stop her", "discourage her"... the writer obviously hasnt experienced this first hand.. anyway try supporting her, encouraging her, helping her, reassuring her... thats the best advise i can give.

By Mahesh,   From dubai
good info at DON'TS

By Deepak,   From Durban
Thanks for the great tips. Let me start by saying that the moment the test said positive, I was real excited... we 6 weeks pregnant, and I spoil my wife, being doing lots of reading on how to be good dad... this is my first time, and want everything to work out well Thanks Again.. All the dad's to be, the 9months we go through is worth the wait...just keep loving your wife and treat her like a queen... it works, and thanks to my wife, I will be dad and a good one too. I Love You Reena

By Tiff,   From Toronto
good article...question thou: any tips for the dad's preparation before concieving a baby? it's mostly for the women, How about the husband, what would they need to eat and do to assure healthy baby? it's also their sperm that completes the union anyways... please and thank you :)

By Lindsay,   From Denver
I don't understand!!!!!

By saran,   From chennai
my wife is 2 months pregnent give me a tips what kind of foods & fruits & nuts shall i give,that which will keep my wife and the baby healthy

By Rahim,   From Dubai
Sir or madum,
we r just married 4 months ago, and first month her periods was normal but next time the periods are not coming properly, she is worring tomuch, only 2 days periods are comming on is proper time and the amount is also very little. kindly give me some good advice. Thanx

By alugolusuma,   From visakhapatnam
i have eaten dates seed at the 8th month of pregency isnt harmfull or not

By Isolab,   From Lagos
I got wedded 8 weeks ago. 2 weeks after I missed my period and I went for pregnancy test (PT) using blood and it's confirmed +ve but faint. 3 weeks ago, i did another PT using urine and it was confirmed +ve. i did ultrasound, nothing was found in the uterus. I did another PT using urine and it was confirmed +ve. Last week, i did another PT using blood, it was confirmed +ve but faint. Pls what could be responsible for all these irregularity? I am neither bleeding nor having pain. Anything to worry about? I am confused. Pls help.

By toyin,   From lagos
i normally have my period last btw 6to 7days but last month i found out that even after the 7 days blood was still comin though not as much as the first 7 days.Also the blood has this offensive smell which made my husband uncomfortable during sex.i visited the doc on the 10th day he said that's called spotting and he gav me an injection to stop the blood.he examined me and has i had hormonal imbalance.
can u pls explain this to me also i noticed of recent that i belly is becoming bigger is this something to worry about.
Lastly,can you pls giv me tips of gettin pregnant what spouse is anxious.

By Sindhu,   From Coimbatore
i am in 4 months carrying,

Pl.advice me

By cris,   From philippines
what kind of feminine wash do i use when your pregnant?

By radney,   From manila
how to prevent a haunted babies

By Salma,   From Dubai
Hi! Till when can have physical sex with the spouse after conceiving.after 1,2,3...

By shibin,   From banglore
there is urine infection at 8th month of pregnancy.used antibiotics.....please tell me what to do and don"ts please.

By Prakash,   From Mumbai
Very good Article. Avoid fish with lots of mercury in her diet. Get correct information from your dietician on what fish to eat and what fish to avoid when she is pregnant. Reaaly Impressive one.

By Pranauti,   From Mumbai
Very good Article.

By grace,   From ozamiz
Thanks for the information. I've learned something that will help me during my pregnancy on our first baby.

By Alison Fargis,   From
Your readers might also enjoy the book Pregnancy Dos and Don'ts by Dr. Elisabeth Aron, a board certified OB-GYN. The book is an alphabetical pocket companion that quickly and definitively assesses risks to a woman’s unborn child.

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