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High School Musical 2

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 17-08-2007

Artist: Various Artists

Genre: Soundtrack

Label: Disney

Parental Advisory: TV – G

Release Date: 08/17/2007

Kids will enjoy, Dads will be in pain and agony.

This movie is mediocre at best and should be avoided. Good luck with that advice however, since kids anywhere from five or six up have been talking about this sequel since it was announced in 2006.

Dads will find plenty to dislike in this movie, from the clumsy lip-synching to the television production values.  The hype says it’s an upbeat dance party movie that will have everyone up, dancing and having fun but actual experience may be a disappointment. Remember though, that High School Musical (1) was also just a made-for-TV movie until it became a runaway hit with over 200 million viewers worldwide.  Advice for dads:  denigrate this movie at your peril. You’ll only look out-of-touch to the wonders of a modern love story set in a New Mexico high school.

If you have young kids, you may wonder if this film is appropriate for them.  CommonsenseMedia.org rates this film as okay for 7+.  The story itself isn’t horrible for kids, though you may feel that for young kids, it’s a bit early for this introduction to the social trials and tribulations of high school life.   That said, the movie is squeaky clean and contains a positive message of personal responsibility.  

The story itself is simple.  It’s summertime and the main characters of High School Musical 2 (Troy, Gabrielle, Chad, and Taylor) have summer jobs at the local country club, owned by the family of Sharpay and Ryan Evans.   Troy, the cute boy, is seduced by the rewards of a relationship with Sharpay, including a college scholarship and hanging out with the town’s hotshots.  Troy soon has to choose between his old friends, including Gabriella, or the advantages of country club life.

Dads should at least be sensitive to the enormous marketing hype behind this production, the accompanying CDs, DVDs and merchandise, all in the typical Disney fashion. At least the movie is available first as a cable release on the Disney Channel.  Disney.com features games, music, and plenty of promotion of the film and products.

All in all, this may be a better option than Hairspray for the under 10 crowd.  However, dads will likely find the music and the story less than inspiring.  You may want to sit through it, however, just to know what the hype is about.