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The Last Mimzy Movie Review

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 18-04-2007


Netflix, Inc.

The Last Mimzy

Rating: PG

Starring:Timothy Hutton, Joely Richardson, Chris O’ Neil and Rhiannon Leigh Wryn.

Director:Bob Shaye

Age Groups: 8+

Recommended for: Dad and Kids

Release Date : March 23, 2007

Running Time: 94 minutes


Inspired by the science fiction short story Mimsy Were the Borogoves by Lewis Padgett, The Last Mimzy is a science fiction extravaganza for the entire family. Directed by Bob Shaye, the story is set in the not too distant future.


The key protagonists of the film are a family with two children, Noah and Emma. Reminiscent of Jumanji, the story talks of how the family discovers a box full of strange devices, presumably toys, while on vacation. One of these toys, a bunny called Mimzy starts to communicate with the daughter Emma, instructing her on how to use these toys. Like Alice through the looking glass, this discovery starts Emma on a journey of discovery that has sweeping consequences. The toys seem to have magical powers which turn both children into geniuses.


Parents will enjoy taking their children to see this movie for its themes of sibling rivalry. , something commonly found in any household with children. The film uses cutting edge special effects to wow its viewers yet used in a subtle manner to build on to the main story and not to detract from it. The Last Mimzy is a breathtaking story of discovery for kids. Dads will find some insights into parenthood while watching a family trying to cope as both children turn into prodigies. The story uses a number of flashbacks to weave an intriguing web between current events and that of the past. There is many a twist in the tale, which sees these talented children becoming the only people who can save future generations.


The last Mimzy is A must see for science buffs and kids who have that imaginative streak. This is a movie that dads can enjoy and watch to spend quality time with their kids. Be careful taking small kids to this film since Some of the science fiction elements and special effects may appear to be scary for small kids and even for adults. The use of extreme close-ups of the bunny Mimzy can also be unnerving at times.