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Do you need a Professional Babysitter?

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 25-02-2009

Choosing a babysitter is a tough job. It is difficult to judge whether a babysitter candidate is truly the best person to care for your little ones.  Each child has different needs, and you also want to make sure they are cared for in way consistent with your parenting style. One way to to reduce risk is to choose to hire a professional babysitter.  

A professional babysitter is simply a man or woman who is making babysitting or nanny care their major job. They may or may not have formal training, but should come with very positive references from past employers.

There are definitely advantages in employing a professional babysitter, some of which are described below:

  • Professional babysitters are usually trained in every aspect of child rearing, including emergency first aid and CPR. They are also more aware of safety issues around the home and can help prevent issues before they occur.
  • A professional babysitter has a greater sense of commitment to the job as compared to young teenagers who take up babysitting to earn some pocket money. Moreover, they are more hands-on when it comes to handling children, and less surprised by how real-life babies and kids act. In fact, professional babysitters who have experience can be a great help to new parents. They can give practical advice on how to feed, bathe, and take care of a small baby based n their own experience. For the new parent who is open to this advice and may not have other family around, this can be a very positive advantage.
  • Professional babysitters have a natural liking for children, understand child psychology, and enjoy being with babies and kids. They are more capable of understanding your children and making them comfortable. This creates a healthy and stable environment at home even in your absence.

Here are a few tips before you hire any new babysitter:

1.  Make sure to ask for multiple references and talk to all of them to make sure you hear consistent reports on the babysitter’s ability and trustworthiness.

2. You should also ask to see first aid and CPR certificates and proof of any related coursework that has been discussed during your interview.

3. Make sure to allow your child to play with the babysitter unsupervised and check in to see how things going. While your child won’t make the final decision on a new babysitter, don’t choose a babysitter that doesn’t “click” with your child.

4. Finally, trust your gut instinct. The babysitter has to integrate well with your family and parenting style. If you are hesitating for any reason,  meet more candidates until you’re sure you have the right babysitter for you and your child.

Professional babysitters will definitely cost more, up to 50% or more  higher than the local teenager helper, but you will enjoy greater peace of mind with an experienced pro, especially if you have a new baby.