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Help your baby by cutting off noise

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 11-06-2007

Noise affects us all, but it affects your baby the most. Keep the following points in mind:

  • Some children are easily disturbed by noise, which can cause several problems ranging from hearing loss to poor performance in school as they grow up.

  • Loud noises over a period of time can damage your child’s hearing.

  • Some babies have highly developed senses, and they may find certain sounds louder than you do.

  • A noisy environment can lead to an increased heart rate and respiratory problems.

  • A noisy home is known to adversely affect the child’s learning skills.

Here are some ways to cut down the decibels:

  • Avoid taking your baby for firework shows or noisy places.

  • Keep the overall sound level at home low, especially when the baby is sleeping. Turn off gadgets such as the TV, music system, or vacuum cleaner when not needed.

  • Inform your family members, friends, and relatives about the benefits of noise reduction. If you have a pet that tends to bark too often, train it to cease barking on command.

  • Maintain an informal ‘silent hour’ around your baby’s bedtime.

  • Use sound absorbing materials to insulate your child’s room, or probably the entire home, from outside noise. This may be useful if you live in a busy neighborhood or are close to a noisy area such as an airport.

  • Avoid buying noisy toys such as toy guns, talking robots, or toys with speakers and headphones.

  • Children, including your baby’s older siblings, will be noisy, no matter what. Allow your older children some playtime and a suitable place where they are allowed to be noisy. However, encourage them to maintain a low volume when the baby is sleeping.